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Shri Athitheeswar Temple – Vaniambadi, Vellore district, Tamil Nadu

Shri Brahmapureeswarar

Temple's peculiarity:

Vellore is 140 kms from Chennai Vaniambadi is 60 kms from Vellore Punar poosam is the birth star of Lord Rama. Purchasing groceries, house warming ceremony and to buy new properties on this day brings more wealth. It is believed that kids before starting their education must worship goddess Saraswathy to become intelligent Punar poosam starrers are generally intelligent and more talented in debating, interested in tourism and could identify others’ characters easily.


  • Chithirai Brahmmotsavam in April-May
  • Mahashivrathri in February-March
  • Margazhi Tiruvadhirai in December-January are grandly celebrated in the temple.

Special Feature:

  • The temple is facing west
  • Lord Dakshinamurthy in the temple graces sitting on the Nandhi the bull vehicle of Lord Shiva holding a deer, battle-axe with a Chinmudra a symbol keeping the thumb and second finger together while the other three fingers are together separately.
  • The philosophy behind the thumb and the second finger touching each other is, that the Jeevatma (second finger) bends to join the Paramatma (thumb) thus keeping away from the other three fingers representing arrogance, fate and illusion.
  • These three drag the Jeevatma the second finger from Paramatma the thumb.

Thanks giving

Hotel owners offer food to poor people
Devotees offer milk, honey, river water and steamed rice for abishek

Opening Timings

The temple is open from 6.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. and from 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.