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Discover the Ancient Keezha Korukkai Temple: Lord Shiva, Goddess Pushpavathi, and the Legend of Sage Gorakka Siddha

Shri Brahammagnana Pureeswarar

Explore the Charm of Temple's Peculiarity

Nestled in the serene village of Keezha Korukkai, there's an age-old temple that feels like a step back in time. Lord Shiva & his consort, Goddess Pushpavathi, are worshipped here. Though a tad worn-out & tucked away between bushy paths, a visit to this temple promises a fresh start in life.

A Bit of Mythology

Imagine this: a great sage named Gorakka Siddha stopped by this village long ago. After a tiring journey, he chose to rest in a nearby hut. Upon waking up (imagine his surprise!), he found a woman sleeping next to him, her saree’s end clutched in his hand. Startled & determined to maintain his purity, he cut off his own hand! Praying earnestly to Lord Shiva for forgiveness, the sage was blessed & had his hand restored — thus giving the village its name: Korukkai.

Something Special Here

Unlike other Shiva temples with just one Nandi (that’s the sacred bull), this place has Two! one for Lord Shiva and one for Goddess Puspavathi. Locals believe offering garlands of cashews and groundnuts to these Nandis can really turn your luck around. Say goodbye to struggles and hello to fortune!

Good Days for Star Gazers

If you were born under the Avittam star, This is your must-visit spot — especially if you're looking to overcome obstacles in marriage or childbirth.

Festival Fun

Come Maha Shivaratri, this temple is all decked up and dazzles with celebrations.

Visit Times

Planning a visit? The temple doors swing open from 11 am to 1 pm and then again from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Getting There:

Keezha Korukkai isn’t just about tranquility—it’s easy to reach too!

Bus : Hop on at Kumbakonam bus stand; it’ll drop you right at the village

Train : Get off at Kumbakonam station; you’re almost there.

Airport : Trichy international is your nearest flight option.

So whether it's seeking blessings or just enjoying some quiet time, this temple offers both peace and peculiarities worth experiencing. Why not plan a trip? It could be just what you need!