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Shri Brahmapureeswarar Temple - Tamilnadu

Shri Brahmapureeswarar

Temple's peculiarity:

The temple has lord Nataraja as its presiding deity. Lord Nataraja here graces as a classical dancer and his spouse Parvathi is in the adjacent shrine in the name of Sri Meenakshi.


The legend has it that Brahma the creator had five heads in equivalent to Lord Shiva. Ergo he was very proud and egoist. In order to teach him a lesson Lord Shiva beheaded one of his head. After realizing his mistake, Lord Brahma regretted a lot and went seeking penalty to all Shiva temples, and thus he visited this temple also, hence this temple is named as Brahmapureeswarar.


This temple is very powerful in eradicating planetary effects, obstacles in child birth and marriages. The devotees are requested to offer white vastra and yellow saree to the God and Goddess.

Preferred Star:

Uthradam star in first in position of all other 26 stars. So that during star days all other 26 nakshatra deities offer special Pooja to Uthradam star. This temple is exclusive for Uthradam starrers if they visit this temple often and pray to the Lord all their struggles will vanish.


Chithirai Thirukalyanam, Vaikasi Visakam and Thai Poosam are some of the notable festivals.


This temple is located in Keelapoongudi on the way to Sivagangai - Karaikudi road.

Bus : There are direct buses from Madurai Mattuthavani to this temple. From the Okkur there are autos to this temple.

Train : The nearest railway station is at Karaikudi.

Airport : Madurai and Trichy airports are handy to this temple.