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Discover the Magnificent Thiru Uthirakosamangai Temple and Its Emerald Nataraja

Uthirakosamangai Temple

Thiru Uthirakosamangai, a treasure of ancient artifacts, hosts a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva that h from more than 3000 years ago. This isn't just any place—it's where the deity Mangalanathar shared deep spiritual wisdom and sacred secrets of Hinduism with His beloved consort, Mangalambigai. Imagine the stories echoing through its walls, echoed in numerous spiritual texts and Saivaite scriptures!

Now, get ready for something absolutely amazing! The temple proudly houses an idol of Lord Nataraja. You might know Him as the dancing form of Lord Shiva. Here’s a mind-blowing bit – this statue stands six feet tall and is skillfully carved from a single emerald stone! Think about it; this mesmerizing piece has mystified people for thousands of years - where did such a treasure come from?

A fascinating part of His story involves cooling down with sandal paste all year. Why? Emerald gets finicky when light and water mess with its molecules. But there’s one special day – on Thiruvadhirai Star in the Tamil month Margazhi – when you can see Lord Nataraja without the paste ONCE A YEAR! This year, mark your calendar for January 2nd. It’s not everyday events where blessings are sought through long-lasting rituals & aromatic offerings during this Arudhra Dharshan day.

There's more! Apart from Lords Nataraja & Mangalanathar, there’s also a space dedicated to Goddess Mangalanayaki. Right at the entrance stands the impressive seven-tiered gateway tower & within it lurks the statue of Yali—a mythical creature resembling a lion-man combo holding an unmovable stone ball in its mouth—an engineering marvel!

Inside this holy venue also rests an awe-inspiring collection termed Sahasra Lingam, featuring 1008 distinct Shiva Lingams—each symbolizing devotees who eternally surrendered to Lord Shiva.

Around this sacred site are beautiful ber trees & various serene water bodies adding to its mystique. Oh, and here's another quirky thing—Lord Managalanathar adores Fragrant Screw Pine Flowers during ceremonies (which are surprisingly banned in other Shiva temples worldwide!). Truly unique!

Feeling adventurous? Visit us for Margazhi Thiruvadhira Arudhra Dharshan & bask in divine blessings! Doors open from 6AM–11AM & 4PM–8PM; extended times apply on special days like Shivarathri and Pradosham.

Located just 17km away from Ramanathapuram in southern Tamil Nadu makes it accessible either from Madurai or Trichy.

With Madurai Airport only 110 kms away and Ramanathapuram railway station nearby, reaching us couldn’t be easier. Stop by for an unimaginably spiritual journey!