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Narasingam Perumal Temple - Tamilnadu

Narasingam Perumal Temple

Temple's Peculiarity:

Yoga Narasimhar is a bygone temple located at the foot hills of Annai malai hills in Madurai. This temple is one of the rock cut temples in India and is an excellent exemplar of Pandian architecture.


The legend has it that Lord Siva was prone to BrahmaHathi Dosham as he beheaded the fifth head of Lord Brahma. In order to get rid of the sin he visited this temple and took bath in the Chakra theertham (pond) and later he got cleansed from his sin.


From Melur this temple is at the distance of 8km and from Thirumohoor it is 4 km. This place is called as Narasimham.

This is also known as Gaja Giri Kshetram (due to the salvation given for Elephant). This temple is an example of cave cut temple (Kudaivarai temple). This temple is constructed by breaking the huge piece of rock

Entrance of the Temple

There is a lotus Pond, filled with full of lotus. A devotee is expected to wash his legs in the pond, but with care that he does not enter any deeper and taking care that just enough to clean the feet.

The Main deity Moolar is the Yoga Narasimhar, He has a lion face, and the Goddess Lakshmi in his heart. The offerings to him are a Lemon and Chandanam(sandal). The Urchavar is in the form of Narasimha, he is very special as he is seen in standing posture which is not seen anywhere else and has a weapon in the hand. One may give, Tulsi flowers, coconut, Lotus, Flowers and Ghee deepam. Special archanas are done on the request.


There is a grand fete celebrating the day on which Lord Vishnu delivered an elephant named Gajendra from the clutches of the crocodile and this day is named as Gajendra Moksha festival which is commemorated on full moon day in Masi month.

Swathi Thirumanjanam – Abhishek with Turmeric on the day of star Swathi. Pradosham Thirumanjanam - Abishek with Turmeric. on the day of Pradosham On Maasi Pournami day, Kalamegha Perumal of Thirumohoor Divya Desam makes a trip to the Yoga Narasimha temple here in Y.Narasingam and the Gajendra Moksham episode is enacted here. On this day, an oil Abhishek is performed on Lord Narasimha.


This temple is located at the foot hills of Annai malai near Madurai.

Bus:There are surplus busses from Madurai mattuthavani bus stand to this temple. There are also share auto facilities for this temple.

Train:Madurai is the nearest railway station.

Airport:Madurai international airport is the nearest one.