Koteshwar Temple

Gujarat City Travel Guide

The desert regions of the Western Kutch which belongs to the Gujarat state is a rare treasure. Koteshwar Temple is an icing cherry in the top of the travel cake. The vastness of the deserted areas trysts with the extremeness of the sea in this region. The only pleasant sight after hours of arid zones, rest, and sights of a blue sky is Koteshwar Temple. The emptiness of the land comes in sync with the brightness of the Koteshwar Temple of Lord Mahadev. The extreme western limit of India is spiritually safeguarded by the vastness of Lord Mahadev’s Koteshwar Temple. A beautiful man-made beauty which is known only to a few in the world. The stories surrounding this beautiful temple is what makes Koteshwar the thriving place for touring humanity.

The yarn of this spectacular temple begins with the might king Ravana. The ardent devotee of Lord Shiva had been gifted with a beautiful boo for his pious devotion. The mythological tale explains how King Ravana had dropped the Shivling to the earth. Bestowed with a lot of spiritual powers, the Shivling tried to punish Ravana for his haste and careless behaviour. It got erupted into 1000 pieces, thereby confusing Ravana. The original piece remained in the place where Koteshwar was built while he departed with an insignificant or unoriginal piece. Would you believe if lights from Karachi, Pakistan are visible from this part of India? That’s what walking along the beach on a crystal clear night in the vicinity of Koteshwar Temple has for the world of travellers.

How to reach Koteshwar Temple?

Rail : The nearest railway station is Bhuj Railway Station. While the Bhuj Express and Kutch Express daily runs from Bhuj to Ahmedabad and Mumbai respectively.

Air : The nearest airport is Bhuj Airport, just under 5 km away. Major flights of India fly toward this destination and so good connectivity with the rest of India.

Road : Regular buses ply from Bhuj and Narayan Sarovar. Koteshwar is present on Kori’s Creek which is surrounded by peaceful hamlets.