Gujarat - Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar City Travel Guide

Bhavnagar is a small urban area holding on to the importance of tradition, in all spheres of modern life. Due to its closer proximity to the sea more than any other destination, trade had flourished in this area. From a major cotton trading centre with a lot of interesting temples, parks, historically important museums, and Velavadar Blackbuck National Park, this provincial city is a must-visit place in Gujarat.

The place has a strong affinity toward Mahatma Gandhi since he pursued his college education in a university here. The strong history of his life there can be felt during your visit to Gandhi Smriti. It is present inside the Barton’s Museum which was built in 1895 AD. A must-visit place for coin collectors, lovers of gun, stamp collectors, and sculpture admirers. A great trading centre with shades of vibrant people wearing scarlet coloured turbans, and also a range of puppet sellers adorn this terrain during festivities and fairs. Gaurishankar Lake, Velavadar National Park, Takhteshwar Temple, Nilambagh, Khodiyar Mandir, Shri Adishwar Temple, Victoria Park, and Aksharwadi Temple are some of the important destinations to visit in Bhavnagar.

Bhavsinhji Gohil is present day Bhavnagar and it was formed in the year 1823 as a military capital. It is today an essential part of the Indian industrial terrains. From Marwar, many Gohils found a new place called Vadva, which was once a village but now it is one of the best industrial hubs of India - Bhavnagar. A city is protected by a fortress and has been used as a major port area. From Bhavnagar, there was regular transport to places like Mozambique, Africa, Zanzibar, Persian Gulf, and Singapore.

History lovers and books share a lot of common things, and Bhavnagar is the classic example for the classical libraries and places of historical importance like Barton Museum, Barton Library, and Gandhi Smriti. Gandhian Institution of great national importance since these spaces remain as a memorable landmark of the father of the nation. The place has more than 40,000 books about social science and ideas of Gandhian principles. A gallery of Gandhi pictures, Khadi Gram Udyog Bhandar, and a museum.

Being one of the royal cities of Gujarat, Bhavnagar still carries the essence of royalty and regal tradition. Nilambagh Palace Hotel is the best luxury stay available in Bhavnagar and is one of the splendid resorts for families and couples. The regal routes of this palatial buildings dates back to the era of the rulers of Bhavnagar. The erstwhile private residency of those elite people is now a heritage hotel for the modern elite.

Climatic Condition:

October to January is the best time to visit Bhavnagar. Summers are extremely hot while monsoons increase the humidity of the surfaces.

Travel Mode:

Rail : Bhavnagar Railway Station which comes under the Western Railway Line is the best and nearest railway station near Bhavnagar. CCT BVC Express, Tapti Ganga Express, Parasnath Express and Mahuva Express pass through Bhavnagar Railway Station.

Air : Air Deccan and Alliance Air fly from Ahmedabad and Mumbai while the nearest international airport is in Surat, 350 km away.

Road : The roads are connected to cities like Udaipur, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, palanpur, and Ahmedabad.