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Karnataka Monuments - Chitradurga Fort

Chitradurga Fort

Behold the unimaginable boulders sticking out from the hillocks, giving goose bumps to the viewers. History oozes from every block of this startling relic, and the tourist are caught napping as they ramble through the maze. Never skip Chitradurga without visiting this living artifact.


Legend has it that an eerie man-eater Hadimba curb the whole Chitradurga, and no one dare to near him knowing his obnoxious temper. But his irksome rule came to a halt by the invasion of Pandavas and most particularly by Bhima, it is believed that this is the place where Bhima and Hadimba crossed their swords and the boulder glued to the hillocks are the ones hurled by them during their fierce duel.

A grand seven echelon ramparts encircle this historical treasure till dooms day, a seven feet snake is chiseled on the threshold depicting the meander path inside, the silhouettes of the polished rocks against the pale sky adds fifty cents to the fort's beauty, and the trekkers never leave this place unsatisfied, there are lot more enshrouded edifices which are architectural mysteries still now. This age old fort will turn to be a fun filled excursion spot and will leave you with surplus of unanswered questions.


This fort has its roots from 10th century AD, and is given life by Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, and Hoyasalas. But its fame reaches the pinnacle only during 14th century - 18th centuries, under Nayaka's reign.


To explore this historical monument you have to pay Rs 5 (For Indians)/Rs 100 (for foreigners), and Rs 25 for video camera if you want to click some memorable snaps.


The fort is open for the tourists from 9 am to 6 pm.


Bus : The bus stand is well maintained, with neat accommodation and busses to all cities in Karnataka. There are buses to Bangalore for every fifteen minutes.

Train : Chitradurga railway station is well connected with all cities in Karnataka and also across India.

Airport : It will take about 3.30 hrs to reach from Bangalore to Chitradurga.

Places to Visit:

Vani Vilas Sagar Dam, Ankali Mutt, Hidimbeshwar temple and Kallina Kote are the few tourist places around Chitradurga.