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Karnataka Monuments - Hampi


The cluster of monuments in Hampi have lifted India to the pinnacle of incredible architecture, this serene land better known as Kishkinda holds a lion's share in the epic Ramayana; it's the land of prosperity, divinity, sanctity and purity which had once sheltered the great Rama Himself and now beaming with the pride of being the World Heritage Site. This grandeur art work sprawls across an area of 46 sq. km across the sand banks of river Tungabhadra.


These crumbling relics are still now a bizarre even to world's brightest brains, this time worn erections are magnum opus of Vijayanagar Empire and are group of priceless stones on the sands of Karnataka shinning glamorously on the banks of river Tungabhadra, encased by grand seven frontiers.

Every soul will wish to have thousand eyes as they ramble inside these grand frontiers, Lords of all religions blesses you from their awe inspiring sanctorum, the king's balance known as Tulabhara mesmerizes the visitors, each piece of art here is intricately carved with stately statues, eye snatching paintings, breath taking pavilions, stupendous stupas and miraculous miniatures. Lotus Mahal is the apple of the visitor's eyes, the flowery patterns all over its ceilings, and the arresting niches in the window sills are all adding credits to it. The beautiful terracotta, ceramic, and stucco effigies emblazon the Dibbas.


Vijaya Nagar is the great last largest empire to rule India; the emperors of this reign are ardent lovers of art and architecture and groomed India's art by establishing lots of monuments, and their Magnum opus is the group monuments of Hampi. This remarkable piece of work traces its history back to 1509 under the observation of Krishna Deva Raya built in typical Dravidian architecture with a tint of Mughal architecture.


To encounter the India,s finest architecture one has to pay the entrance fee, for Indian Rs-10, for Foreigners Rs-250, Video camera Rs-500 and still camera Rs-50.


This place is open for the visitors from 8.30 to 17.30 hrs, on all days.


Bus : Karnataka government runs lots of busses from Bangalore to Hospet, from Hospet one can take local bus or a taxi to Hampi.

Train : The nearest railway station is at Hospet from where you have to take local busses to reach Hampi.

Airport : Hubli is the neighboring airport which is 143 kms away from Hampi.

Places to Visit:

Sunset Point at Matanga hill, Virupaksha temple, Lakshmi Heritage, Kiskinda heritage, Narasimha temple, and Sugriva's cave are some of the tourists places in Hampi.