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Karnataka - Tourist Places - Malpe Beach

Malpe beach

How about spending the pleasant mornings or the relaxing evenings on the stretches of the golden brown sandy region, looking your feet clearly under the water? Yes, Malpe Beach, which is very close to the popular tourist destination Udupi in Karnataka offers you an exquisite experience during your visit to the South Indian State.

Malpe Beach is a perfect weekend getaway, thronged by the locals and the travellers during weekends. Beach is an ideal location preferred by people across all age groups. Children build sand castles while the elders simply relax on the golden brown sandy area, an ambience giving you an experience for life time.

Malpe is a popular tourist destination and is a natural harbour. The prominent profession in Malpe is fishing and the people are seen to be well off. The only constraint is that you can relish only varieties of sea food and if you are craving for normal food during your stay at Malpe, take a short trip to either Udupi or Mangalore and you can come back to Malpe. 

The highlights of visiting Malpe is to enjoy the sun rise and the sun set in the beach which is a scenic beauty beyond the explanations. The beach in Malpe is easily accessible from the main road and there are vehicles frequently plying across which makes your trip to Malpe very convenient.

You can either simply enjoy the untouched beauty of the beach or get yourself involved in the water sporting options like boating, fishing or angling. Enjoy the sea spraying on your face riding on a jet ski. You can also opt for riding on the back of the camels or on bikes along the beach lines. Parasiling, Banana boating or playing with kites are the other interesting options for you to enjoy on the coast of the Malpe beach.

A relaxing weekend in the Malpe beach will be a rejuvenating experience for you to stay away from the routine hustle bustle of your hectic day to day schedules. The scenic beaches, tranquil temples make Malpe more attractive and promising for the travellers seeking a place to stay quiet and relax themselves.

Nature always has its own treasures to surprise or astonish those celebrating it. A relaxing holiday at Malpe will surely be a tryst with nature and the cherished moments will be etched in your memory forever.

Tourist Attractions in Malpe:

Beach and its untouched beauty, the eco resorts in the beaches where you can lie down embraced by the sea breeze soothing your mind and body, Balarama Temple, Ananteshwara temple, several beautiful islands in the vicinity whose beauty and tranquility can be enjoyed taking boat rides.

How To Reach Malpe:

Air : The nearest airport is at Mangalore. Malpe is at a distance of 55km from Mangalore and you can take either the public transport which are ample in number or prepaid taxis to reach the destination.

Rail : Udupi is the railway station nearest to Malpe beach at a distance of 10km.

Road : Malpe beach is well connected with all the neighbouring regions with the fine network of roads. As the public transport is frequently operating along the Malpe Beach line, it will be very easy to reach the destination from the nearby major cities of Karnataka.