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Karnataka - Tourist Places - Udupi


The Konkani city and the administrative capital of Udupi District in the state of Karnataka is the Udupi city. Udupi is famous for its age old Krishna Temple and the world famous Udupi cuisine. Dating back to the 13th century, the saint called Jagadguru Madwachariya codified the procedure for New School of Divine in Hinduism and established a Krishna Math(Mutt). From then onwards, the Krishna temple and the various pre-historic temples were brought under the custody and care of the Mutt.

Udupi Sri Krishna temple is a renowned place for pilgrimage and you can see devotees coming to Udupi all through the year to worship Lord Krishna. Also, there are huge number of fans across the world for the unique cuisine of Udupi. It is a custom and ritual in the Sri Krishna Temple to prepare healthy and hygienic dishes with unusual mix of ingredients as an offering for the Lord. The dishes vary with every meal from morning to night. Those dishes are served in premier restaurants named as “Udupi Cuisine” and you can see the same across the country.

It is quite common to see idols going on a procession during festive times in all Hindu temples. Udupi deserves a special mention in this aspect also because of the different varieties of Chariots available in the temple for the God to go on procession. Chariots made of wood, Silver, Gold, Navarathna(Nine precious metals) are used during the festivals.

Apart from the Krishna Temple and the Cuisine, there are lot more places to visit and enjoy in and around Udupi. Few of the prominent tourist destinations are Malpe Beach, Anegudde – the abode of Lord Vinayaga, Someshwara wildlife sanctuary, Jomlu theertha falls and Kaup Beach.

Udupi is equidistant from Mangalore Airport and Mangalore Harbor. The state highways leading to Karkala, Dharmasthala and Sringeri cross Udupi and hence, the place is easily accessible by Road. Udupi is at a distance of 420kms north west of the State Capital Bangalore.

As Udupi is situated in the Kanyakumari – Mumbai Rail Corridor, most of the trains operated from the different parts of India halt at Udupi.

The fascinating beauty and the valuable tradition of Udupi which has a very long history of more than seven centuries welcomes you for a cherished experience of a life time!

Popular As

  • Lord Parashurama Kshetra (mythology)
  • Udipi (dialect)
  • Raja Pitha Pura (literature)
  • Shivalli (literature and mythology)

Prominent Places to Visit:

Krishna Temple The temple begins its duty after a conch shell blow at 4 AM, resonating in the whole temple. Lord Krishna on his golden chariot is decorated with jewels. Devotees pray through the Navagraha Kitiki (nine holed silver windows). A lot of Krishna Bhakts attend prayers during Deepavali, Ramanavami, Hanuman Jayanti, Krishnashtami, and Saptotsava. The place is proudly called the Mathura of South India.

St. Mary’s Island It is believed to be Vaco Da Gama’s first entry place in India before going to Calicut. St. Mary’s Island should be on the top of your travel priority list. The rock monoliths, white sand beaches, and trekking accompanied by wildlife make a beautiful destination. This isle is a geological marvel and comprises of the North Island, Daryabahadurgah Island, Coconut Island, and South Island. Enjoy sunsets standing on the crystalline rocks.

Kudlu Waterfalls Hello weekend trekkers! Choose Sita falls (Kudlu) this time to explore and relax at the same time. At a height of 150 feet, amidst the thick greenbelt, a moderate level of trekking will take forest lovers to a serene milieu. Nature walking is recommended.

Chandramoulishwar Temple It is near Lord Krishna Temple and this shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the powerhouse of creation and culmination. The combined tales of Shiva giving “Saaba Vimokshanam” (put an end to curse) to Chandra gave the temple its name, Chandramoulishwara.

Malpe Beach One of the most underrated and unexplored beaches of India. The pleasant weather and white sand like minuscule of gold make way for a number of water activities. This beach contains four rocky isles - Daria-Bahadurgad in the North, Daria-Gadara-Kallu in the middle, Kari-Illada-Kallu in the south, and the fourth is the famous St. Mary’s Island.

Ananteshwar Temple The oldest temple in the Udupi region is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The 8th century built structure presents a complex that covers Chandramouleeshwar and Krishna Temple. Hindu philosopher named Madhavacharya got trained and preached his followers in this temple arena. The main shrine is created with stone while the new installment has a silver door frame attached to it.

Mookambika Temple Dedicated to the powerful Goddess Aadiparasakthi, the shrine contains the prowess of three Goddesses - Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, and Saraswathi. This holy surrounding has one Linga which represents Sakthi and Purusha. Udhbavlinga is the name given to this Linga.

Best Time To Visit:

Like many other places in India, the golden period to visit Udupi is from October to March. Winters are pleasant in Udupi while the temperature rises up to 40 degrees in Summer.

Way to Reach:

 By Air -  No direct flights to Udupi. 60 odd km from the city is the Mangalore Airport and is the nearest to Udupi (NH 66 connects the airport).

 By Rail -  Udupi junction is the nearest railway station for travelers. Udupi Junction connects well with most of the Indian cities.

 By Road -  Shared cabs, taxis, regular buses from Bangalore and Mysore reaches Udupi for day and night services.

Local Transport: Like other places in Karnataka, Udupi also has autorickshaws and cabs for exploring important destinations. Get creative and walk to experience the real character of Udupi.