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Madurai City - Tamilnadu

Madurai Tourist Places - Southtourism

The aroma of Jasmine fills the air of Madurai and gives us pleasure as we enter its thresh hold. This is a notorious city in Tamil Nadu and has been held in high regards by many ancient poets. This is the place where Tamil language ripened many centuries ago and is a main commercial Centre in southern zone. There are ample places which are worth a visit and are best exemplars of ancient Dravidian culture.

This dazzling city takes pride in being the capital city of Pandiyas and Thirumalai Nayakar. The architectural style here is greatly admired by all. Meenakshi Amman temple in Madurai is one of the famous temples in India. Apart from architecture this city is famous for South Indian spicy foods, scrumptious Jigarthanda and fluffy Idly (Rice cake).


The sun is at her high spirits in Madurai and so all day here are sunny days. In summer the temperature may reach to 40°c and on other days it lies between 34°C-25°C.

Places to visit:

Meenakshi Amman Temple:Meenakshi Amman Temple is one of the temples which are hailed all over the world. This mind-blowing temple demands a second visit and the sculptures are so mesmerizing that they will make our eye balls glued to them. This marvelous piece of art is dedicated to Goddess Meenakshi and God Siva and it is believed to be the place where they tied the knot. The golden lotus tank inside the temple adds feather to the hat of Meenakshi. Another exclusive feature of this temple is the thousand pillar hall and the musical pillars. Every nook and corner of this temple is so amazing and attractive. Don’t ever miss an opportunity to visit this dazzling temple.

Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal:Goggle at the startling sculptures of the India’s icon the Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal. This monumental piece is housed in East Madurai and is bussed with tourist from dawn to dusk. Each and every part of this Mahal is meticulously done and is emblazoned with giant pillars of 82 feet height and 19 feet width. This palace surpasses all other monuments in Tamilnadu. Like adding beauty to the beauty queen there is an awesome light and music show during evenings at the dancing hall of this Mahal.

Gandhi Museum:In order to pay tribute to the “Father of the Nation” Gandhi Ji this archaic Palace has been renovated in to a memorial building. Its sublime beauty and tranquility attracts million a day. This place has profound collections of Gandhi Ji’s personal letters to Subramaniya Bharathi, Adolf Hitler and Nehru Ji, along with many rare clicks of Gandhi from his childhood till his assassination. There is also the blood strained vestment worn by Gandhi during his assassination, the plate, spoon, sandals and the spectacles used by him are all conserved in the vacuum glass box.

Thiruparankundram:Thiruparankundram is one of the six army camps of Lord Muruga. He graces majestically from the sanctum sanctorum with his spouse Deivanai. It is the folk lore that, this is the place where Muruga and Deivanai walk down the aisle. Apart from this temple there is also so a well maintained ecofriendly park near the temple.

Chitirai Festival:Madurai is the city of festivals and is always busy with decorations and preparations. Chitirai festival that falls in April is the longest festival in the world that lasts for a month. During this period the whole city turns to be a boisterous one and is filled with josh. First 15 days is dedicated to Goddess Meenakshi and the rest to Lord Alagar and on every evening there is God and Goddess march which is accompanied by thousands of people. Visit the city during this colorful month and enjoy yourself to the core.

Travel Mode:

Bus:As it is a metropolitan city buses to all over India is available. There are three main bus terminals that are Mattuthavani, Periyar and Arappalayam.

Rail:Next to Chennai this railway division is the largest. There are direct trains to all over India and the railway station is well maintained with A/c waiting hall.

Airport:Airport is in Villapuram which is 12 km away from central city. It provides domestic and international flight services around the clock.