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Banjara Needle Crafts


Banjara Needle Crafts is one of the most beautiful art forms of Telangana. Embroidery, needle work, combination of colours to make gorgeous designs and to bring out something eye catchy and unique are owing to the innate talents of human being’s creativity. This Needle Crafts art form originated from the Banjara sect who are the nomadic society in the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Women of this sect, who did not have a chance to step out of their houses developed their creativity and innovation by means of making needle embroideries and over the years the skill is being recognized across the country and beyond.

The centuries old art has been nurtured and improvised by the women folk of nomadic tribes and has become one of the most admired forms in the fashion industry. Watching exuberant combination of colours unfolding as beautiful designs in fabrics is indeed a breath taking one.

Needle craft is the significant mainstay of this art form and it is amazing to see the perfectly symmetrical and geometric shapes getting evolved on the cotton or woollen fabric chosen for this work. Along with the thread embroidery, mirror works are also done on the cloth, which makes the entire piece of art more gorgeous. Shells and beads also play a vital role in making a complex design complete.

The unique features of the splendid pieces of this art are the usage of right type of needle and the colours of threads used. Sober colours of cloths are used for the works to contrast with the bright coloured threads combined with mirrors, shells and beads, where the beauty of embroidery gets enhanced.

Bags, cushions, bedsheets, curtains, wall hangings, home décor items and women’s clothing are more popular in the markets beautified by Banjara Needle crafts.

Don’t forget to get these handcrafted items for your friends and family while you are touring in Telangana.