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Dhokra Metal Crafts


Acclaimed to be the glory of Telangana’s handicrafts culture, Dhokra Metal arts form has been one of the oldest surviving craft here. With a long history of being practiced for many centuries by the Ojha community of people commonly found in Adilabad district of Telangana, art form has produced thousands of masterpieces of arts speaking volumes about this ancient art form.

Dhokra, also called as bell metal craft, involves the most ancient Lost Wax Tradition, practiced from at least 2000 years ago. Various products are crafted using brass, bronze, silver and gold metals with this fool proof mechanism of lost wax technology and the most highlighting feature is that there won’t be any replica of the products once made.

The clay model at the primitive stage is being adorned with required embellishments. Bees wax is also used in this process. The prototype model is covered with clay and let dry for some time. The metallurgical skills of the artisans are so outstanding that the alloy poured inside the prototype model melts the bees wax inside and drained out, making it the unique only piece of art. Later, the outer clay is being removed gently to bring out the final product.

Various kinds of motifs, idols, figures, statues and home décor items are made using this unique tradition and more than 50 families are involved in this art form for centuries. The highly labour intensive work requires time in the order of days or weeks which depends on the complexity of the designs involved in the product.

A wonderful art form practiced since centuries is indeed the pride of Telangana. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs for your friends and family while touring to Telangana.