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Karnataka Monuments - Bidar Fort

Bidar Fort


Gasp at the 8th century age worn Bidar fort, the ramparts and fortifications of this fort is a work of excellence. This fort is nothing less of fabulous. As we stroll inside the fort we are filled with a sense trending through the ruins of Mughal Empire.


The three layered moat encompasses the Bidar fort, making tough for the trespasser to intrude. Though most of the structures are deformed, this fort still now stands with the pride of our ancestors marvelous craftsman shift. Our heart will leap at the very first sight of the audience hall, store house, perfumed baths, and aisles with little niches on their walls, grand fountain, spacious kitchens, praiseworthy pavilions, and royal gates. A three miles rampart runs around the Belgaum fort. This fort vivifies the luxurious life style of Mughals and gives a deep insight of the historical background of our successors. The edifice Rangin Mahal is impeccable and is used as the royal residence by the Mughals, every nook and cranny of this fort reflects exquisite Persian architecture.


The history of Belgaum fort traces back to 15th century, during the reign of Bahamani Sultan Ahamed Shah Wali, later it was renovated and modified by Barid Shahi Sultans, this fort was used as the residence as royal people and royal guests.


Starting from 8 am to 6.30 pm this fort is kept open on all days. Visiting duration is 1-2 hours.


There is no entrance fare for visitors; tourists can take their cameras and videos for free.


Bus : There are bus facilities from all major cities of Karnataka to this place.

Railway Station : Bidar junction is well connected by local and passengers trains. There are most frequent trains to Hyderabad.

Airport : Bidar airport is busy around the clock, many international flights lands here.

Nearby Places:

Guru Nanak Jhira Sahib and Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple are the nearby places to this fort.