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Karnataka Monuments - Chaubara Tower

Chaubara Tower


The grandiose Chaubara tower is anchored at the junction of two major thoroughfares of the city. This pre Islamic product holds the gaze of many tourists. As it nestles in the center of the city, it is too much crowded and quite busy.


This fort is no doubt colossal; the 71 feet single cylindrical figure caresses the clouds that pass by. The tower must have been the watch fortification of Bidar in olden days. Style of this tower is purely Islamic and is believed to be a replica of a tower in Sammara mosque. Atop view from this tower is highly picturesque and ecstatic. A circular base with a girth of 180 feet and 16 feet 9 inches tall forms the strong base for this bulky tower. This base is carved with many arched niches which serve as the resting spot for the pedestrians till now. The apex of the tower is adorned on all four sides with sizable clocks. An archaic steel staircase spirals inside the tower and ceases at the open space of the terrace. The sun light pierces through a few openings in the wall and light the whole inner space of the tower.


This tower traces its history back to pre-Islamic period and is built by Ahamed Shah Wali and modified by his successors. This watch tower is built in par with the other fortifications of the town to pass information rapidly. Bara in Persian means a fortified placed ergo this tower is named as Chaubara.


Tourists are allowed to visit this tower from 8 am to 6 pm on all days.


This fort is free to all, and there is no charge for cameras and videos. You can explore it on your own.


Bus : Bidar is well connected by road transportation; there are bus facilities from all over Karnataka to this city.

Railway Junction : Bidar railway station has access to all important cities and there is also local train service from Bidar to Hyderabad.

Airport : Bidar has its own airport a few miles away from the Chaubara tower.

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