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Karnataka - Attractions - Karwar


Are you really in search of a tourist destination which can relax your nerves with the soothing breeze of the sea? Do you want to take the chance of trying out simple yet gorgeous sea foods at the lap of the sandy beaches with your friends and families? Then, Karwar is the ideal choice for you. But please note, Karwar is not suitable for hard core party freaks, but for those who want to relax and rejuvenate their mind, body and soul.

Karwar is a small sleepy town in Karnataka and it has a cross cultural environment owing to its proximity with Goans, Maharashtrians and Kannada people. One more pride for Karwar is that many men from here have been in the Indian Army and Navy services for the past many decades and it is a continuing culture even today. Spending sleepless nights in the beaches, tasting the divinely delicious sea foods and opting for the water sporting activities similar to Goa, all these give you an exuberantly ecstatic experience for a life time.

Karwar has a treasure of few scenic and tranquil beaches and wonderful natural sceneries. Out of all the beaches, Devbaug Beach is the most beautiful one where you can spend your without any time limits and get yourself one with the nature. Lined up with the trees, the view of the beach is undoubtedly breath taking, an awesome location to enjoy for any length of time. If you are overdosed with the beauty of the beach sitting at one place, try hiring a bicycle to roam around and enjoy.

Next is the most impeccable Rabindranath Tagore Beach. Named after the popular poet Rabindranath Tagore, this beach had been one of the favorite resting places for him, Synchronizing his thoughts with the elegant beauty of this beach, Rabindranath Tagore created his legendary “Prakritir Prathisodha”, a poem with a drama narrated. Visiting Rabindranath Tagore beach at dawn will be an awesome experience and you can intervene with the nature's beauty with the fishermen in vibrant search for their day's catch. You can also plan to visit the “Warship Museum” nearby the Rabindranath Tagore Beach housing the details on the warship and also an exhaustive aquarium with variety of fishes.

One of the most scenic shorelines of Karnataka is Kodibagh beach which is at a distance of just 5kms from the Kodibagh bus stand. Kodibagh beach is situated at the confluence of Kali River and Arabian Sea. With its cleanliness, Kodibagh beach offers an excellent view during sun set and you can have a long relaxing walk with your loved ones. Also, the palm fringed Kodibagh beach is a perfect location for the adventure lovers, where you can opt for canoeing, kayaking, pedalling and banana boat riding.

The two islands in the vicinity of almost every beach in Karwar is named as the Kurumgad island. A boat ride from Kodibagh for less than half an hour will take you to this island. An amazingly wonderful visit will this be getting excited at the untouched beauty of the island. You can also opt for Scuba diving and Snorkelling which will be a thrilling experience in this prevalently less populated region.

You have handful of choices for accommodation and with respect to eateries, the sea food are prominently gorgeous. It is for sure that, if you are a foodie, you will prefer to visit Karwar again and again to taste the variety of dishes in the sea foods, most of which you would not have expected in this small region.

Yet another surprise awaits in Karwar. If you are curious to find out a black sand beach completely hidden from the human eyes, then proceed to the village Majali, which is just 11kms away from Karwar. You need to take a trekking for less than an hour and at the end of your trek, you see something unbelievable in front of you. Yes, the beach which is not known
to the outside world. For any length of time, you can stay mesmerized at the beauty of the beach and the shoreline, but remember the place is so aloof and you have to return to your place well before it gets too dark.

Karwar has an exhaustive touch of nature in the most beautiful way which attracts tourists from all corners of the country. The unspoiled serenity of the beaches offer a breath taking view which makes your trip to Karnataka an unforgettable one.

Plan a trip to Karwar, get drenched into the nature's uncompromised seamless serenity.

How To Reach Karwar :

Air : Dabolim is the airport nearest to Karwar, from where, you can reach the destination in a two hours' drive.

Train : Karwar has its own railway station, which is connected to the other cities of Karnataka as well as the other neighbouring states.

Road : Karwar is very near to Goa, at a distance of 85kms. It is also connected with the good network of roads with other parts of the state and other major cities.