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Karnataka - Tourist Places - Bellary fort

Bellary fort

Named after the Goddess Durga, the town Bellary has many ancient treasures which every traveller must see during their visit to the Deccan Plateau. The folklores through these centuries present a different reason for the name for this ancient town as the celestial Lord Indira slew a demon Balla.

Bellary has seen the vagaries over the centuries reigned by the different dynasties like Satavahanas, Kadambas, Kalachuryas and Hoysalas. Bellary is mainly known for the two granite hills namely Ballari Gudda and Kumbara Gudda. It is surprising to know that Ballari Gudda is the second largest monolithic hill in the world. The metallic and non-metallic resources abundant in these hills spread the popularity across the regions.

It is awesome to know about the intense connectivity between Hindu Mythology and the different locations of interest dotted across Bellary. The History lovers will definitely fall for the various temples and other monuments holding the stories across centuries.

Out of the several attractions in Bellary, the most important one is the Bellary Fort. The highlight of this fort is that the entire structure of the fort is supported by the monolithic rock which is still a surprising architectural wonder. The two floors of the fort are constructed to house intricately designed huge pillars, halls, pools and with all the facilities for a regal family. The Bellary fort stands with the history of 3000 years experiencing several renovations and expansions over the centuries by the various kings.

There is a single rocky way to reach the fort and there is only one entrance for this magnificent citadel. The tourists enjoy the different sections of the fort, which is truly and architectural marvel. The British colonial buildings which are still beholding their original charm are yet another tourist attractions and the list is appended with Turkish Martyre’s courtyard and Kumaraswamy temple.

How To Reach Bellary Fort :

Air : Hubli is the airport nearest to Bellary, situated at a distance of 190kms. From there, prepaid taxis can be used to reach the destinations

Train : Torangallu and Guntakal are the two railway stations nearest to Bellary at a distance of 30km and 46kms respectively.

Road : Bellary is well connected with other regions of the state and can be easily reached with the well maintained network of roads.