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Karnataka - Tourist Places - Pattadakal


The cult centre of the Badami Chalukya dynasty housing the engineering marvels dating back to the 4th century AD is Pattadakal, located in the northern part of the South Indian state Karnataka. With a pleasant climate prevailing around, Pattadakal attracts tourists from all corners of the country and globe mostly during October to March.

Though Badami was the cultural capital of the Chalukyan dynasty, Pattadakal happened to the epicentre of the art and cultural heritage of the Deccan Plateau. The everlasting engineering marvels dotted across the city, exhibit the craftsmanship of the artisans even after 1500 years. The group of monuments in Pattadakal makes the visitors awe struck with the grandeur and beauty of the huge monumental temples and the intricately designed sculptures, pillars, halls and the facades.

The right blend of the North Indian and South Indian style of architectures took a giant leap in the architectural dimension between the 4th and 9th centuries. For most of the temples built across the country in the later periods, the monumental wonders in Pattadakal can be acclaimed as the pioneer and inspiration.

The Group of Monuments at Pattadakal housing TEN wonderfully designed temples with intricate designs and structures are recognized as the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Pattadakal is also praised as “City of Crown Rubies” which had been the holy city for the Royal Coronation during the Chalukyan Dynasty. Out of the TEN temples in Pattadakal, there are Nine Hindu temples and One Jain Sanctuary. The Jainism was at its epitome during the 9th century against the fall of the Chalukyan Dynasty.

There are many other tourist destinations nearby Pattadakal like Badami, Hampi, Belur, Halebeid which are the treasures of ancient culture and heritage of the Deccan Kingdom, which a global traveller would prefer to explore and enjoy.

How To Reach Pattadakal:

Air : The international airport at Bangalore is at a distance of 449km from Pattadakal. A prepaid taxi can take you to Pattadakal.

Train : Badami is the railhead nearest to Pattadakal which is at a distance of 20kms. Badami is well connected with the other parts of the state and most of the express trains halt here.

Road : Bijapur, Hubli and Belgaum are well connected with Pattadakal and the well maintained network of roads can make your travel much simpler and easier.