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Folk Arts - Artforms of Rajasthan


The Land of Royals, Rajasthan owns an intangible cultural heritage which can best be explored with the Rajasthani Folk Arts. Paintings with intricate designs and deep meanings in search of the origin and routes of this fascinating state are the most popular forms of the Folk Arts attracting large number of domestic and global travelers, especially, historians, researchers who incline to explore the art forms in the best possible manner.

Let us look closely about few of the Rajasthani Folk arts exhibited in the form of paintings, drawings and other kinds of art forms practiced exclusively of Rajasthani origin.

Rajasthani Paintings :

Rajasthani paintings speak volumes of the centuries old culture and tradition of Rajasthan in the most beautiful way. The visual representations give us a vivid picture of Land of Royals. The painting works we find across are broadly of few types like Wall & Ground Paintings, Cloth Paintings, Paper paintings, Painting on the wood.

Let us explore further on this interesting types which can be found mesmerizingly beautiful.

Badaley :

A piece of cloth or leather with wonderful paintings or designs are wrapped around the metal utensils used for storage and drinking water. This style is called Badaley, which a decorative art, an eye-catchy one.

Thape :

The walls and doors on the front portion of the houses are decorated with beautiful artworks and paintings, a practice spiritually inclined, to invoke the deities. This practice is very common across Rajasthan and the drawings are made up of turmeric, red ochre, henna and kumkum which are considered to be very auspicious.


Mandana :

Popular among the tribal communities in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, Mandana Art is found in the walls and floors depicting various Gods and Goddesses. With simple geometric forms like triangles and squares and with lines connecting multiple dots, the final drawing arrived at is simply awesome. Drawing Mandana Art in front of the houses is believed to ward off the evil and bring good charm to the house. The art is mainly made up of solutions with chalk powder and red ochre.

Thewa Art :

Pratapgarh area of Rajasthan is popular for Thewa art. It is a kind of painting made of gold on Belgium colored classes. The reflection of colors mixed with the gold tint makes it very beautiful and this art is unique to Rajasthan, especially Pratapgarh.

Phad :

The scroll with paintings on deities and episodes of epics is called Phad. The scrolls are usually carried from one place to another for stage performances on the epics conducted in rural areas of Rajasthan. Bhilwara region of Rajasthan is most prominent in nurturing this kind of painting.

The folk arts of Rajasthan, still preserved by the tribal communities of the state, are connecting dots of history and tradition unique to Rajasthan. You will be experiencing more of such wonderful art forms while exploring Rajasthan.