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Folk Dances - Artforms of Rajasthan


The folk dance forms of Rajasthan are one of the most popular art form fascinating global travelers and the locals alike. The graceful dances takes us back into the historic days of Rajasthan, flourished with rich tradition and heritage.

Rajasthani folk dances is actually of different types reflecting the values and lifestyles of different parts of Rajasthan. Usually these folk dances are performed by large number of artistes during any special occasions and festival times.

The colors, costumes, dancing styles are so graceful and charming that Rajasthani folk dances are one of the highlighting factors fascinating the global travelers touring across the Land of Royals.

Let’s look at some of the most popular folk dance forms of Rajasthan.

Bhavai Dance :

This is a beautiful form of Rajasthani folk dance performed in Udaipur region. This dance draws lot of attention as the dancers, male or female, carry 8 to 9 earthern pots. Dancing with the pots perfectly balanced is something unique here. In addition to this, sometimes the dancers stand on the sharp edge of sword or on the tips of a brass plate, maintaining the pots as well, dancing to entertain the onlookers, wow, it is something to experienced!

Chakri Dance :

Bundi and Kota districts of Rajasthan are known for this Chakri dance form. This is performed mainly by Rajasthani female artistes, especially by women from Kanjar tribe, during marriages or other special occasions. As the name implies, (Chakri means Wheel), the dancers make very difficult and spinning movements in response to the fast beats of Dholak.


Chari Dance :

Chari Dance is mainly practiced in regions in and around Krishnagarh, by women of Gujjar Community. This dance is performed during festive occasions, marriages or to celebrate the birth of a male child. Chari dance is very special that the dancers carry pots on their heads with lights lit on cotton seeds in oil. Chari dance normally talks about the life style of Rajasthani women collecting water as their daily routine which you can find in any Rajasthani village.

Drum Folk Dance :

The popular dance form found in the regions around Mount Abu in Rajasthan, especially in Jalore is the Drum Folk Dance. Drum Folk Dance is a form of celebration during marriage functions and it is performed only by the male dancers. The huge drums hanging from the necks of the dancers produce magical fast beats matched by the vigorous steps making the entire show unique one, attracting larger audiences.

Fire Folk Dance :

Out of all the folk dance forms of Rajasthan, Fire Dance is very vigorous and adrenaline will rush down your spine while witnessing this. Fire Dance is performed by group of dancers mainly during festivals like Holi and Janmashtami. Dancers carry fire rods dancing for rigorous movements. They even walk on the flaming bed of charcoal, little aggressive form of Rajasthani traditional folk dance.

There are lot more types of folk dances unique to the different regions of Rajasthan. The artistes carry the legacy across generations and the exuberant performances can best be enjoyed while the travelers explore the different touristy destinations dotted across the Land of Royals.