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Handicrafts - Artforms of Rajasthan


The various kinds of handicrafts of Rajasthan are signature works of the Land of Royals, receiving universal admirations across India and beyond in the global arena. The handicrafts of Rajasthan are of different kinds like sculpture, textile arts, terracotta, pottery arts and lot more.

This section describes the best form of Rajasthani handicrafts which can be found in different parts of the state.

Rajasthan Sculptures :

Sculpture art of Rajasthan has a rich tradition dating back to the Maurya period. The state is commonly known for different kinds of stones found in its natural form.

The red, pink, white, granite and slate colored stones found in different parts of Rajasthan decides the kind of sculpture art popular in that area. Sagmarmar mines in Makrana has helped many regions of the state to emerge out with different forms of sculpture works with the surplus supply of pure white marbles.

Terracotta :

Toys and other articles made of terracotta are all time favorite in general. Nathdwara region of Rajasthan is most popular for the wonderful artefacts made of baked earth, what we call it as Terracotta. The interior villages of Raajsthan still excel in making beautiful terracotta objects, which we need to say, to be brought to the global markets at larger scales.

Meenakari :


Stone of the highly fascinating art forms of Rajasthan is Meenakari, which when searching for its roots, lands in Persia. The Mughal invasions brought this art form into Rajasthan, which was patronized and nurtured by King, who was also a true art lover, Raja Man Singh. With Jaipur, Udaipur and Amber as the main hubs, Meenakari jewelry has been the trendsetter almost all the time. The original manufacturing technique of making a Meenakari jewelry, which is more than 500 years old is still followed to the letter, which makes it more popular. The jewelry has evolved from being in the walls of palaces and furniture, through the jewelry owned by the Royals and now it is a fashion symbol across the world.

Blue Pottery:

The amalgamation of Mongolian, Chinese and Rajasthani styles is reflected in this Blue Pottery and it is practiced since 15th century. The invasions of Mongols, though defeated, have left behind this beautiful art form. The glazing technology of Chinese with Persian decorative arts gives rise to these elegant articles. Though this art form faced a downfall in the 1950s, it has regained its popularity and it is one of the most sought after item purchased by the global travelers exploring Rajasthan.

Textile :

The artistic works found in Rajasthani Textiles is indeed very fascinating. Kota, Zari, Kota Doria, Jaipuri Quilt, Applique, Tie&Dye, Handblock prints, Dabu print are the most popular terms connecting the different forms of textile materials made in Rajasthan.

Besides the above mentioned art forms, Sanganer print, Tewa Art, Lac works, Usta art, Mat & Carpet works find widespread popularity.

Try exploring these while visiting Rajasthan.