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Deccan festival - Andhra pradesh

deccan - Andhra pradesh

Organized by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, the Deccan Festival is one of the leading festivals of the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Also known as Hyderabad Festival, the Deccan Festival is an extravaganza of colours, music and fairs. It is actually the cultural festival of the city that unveils the good-old culture and traditions of Hyderabad.

The celebrations last for five days and the entire Hyderabad city become so lively and energetic with the splash of colours, lights, music and dance during these festive days. Many cultural programs like ghazals, qawwalis, mushairas poetry session, etc are arranged during the Deccan Festival that will help you to get a glimpse of the ancient traditions of Hyderabad.Myriads of people from different parts of the world flock to Hyderabad to be a part of this festival. The fairs during the Deccan

Festival sells varieties of pure pearl which the city is famous for as well as ornaments made from it. Ladies who crave for pear-studded ornaments can shop their heart out at this fair. You can also get a variety of colourful bangles from here. And the craft items displayed in the fair shows how skillful the people of Hyderabad are. And the elegant and well-crafted artwork and thread work on those items are worth admiring.

The food festival is an absolute treat for the foodies where they get a chance to taste different varieties of Andhra and Hyderabadi cuisine that are so delicious as well as so appetizing. The Deccan Festival also serves as a wonderful platform for many talented dancers and singers to present their skills in front of a wide range of audience.

Location :

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

The month of Celebration:

The Deccan Festival in Andhra Pradesh is celebrated mainly between the months of February and March.