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Monuments in Andhra Pradesh

The glorious past of Andhra Pradesh is best represented by the monuments located across the state. Monuments dating back to few centuries ago have bundles of stories about the architectural excellence of yesteryears’ artisans. Charminar at Hyderabad is the touristic icon of Andhra Pradesh. The magnificent structure with four beautiful minarets and the mosque inside is a location that one can never afford to miss. Andhra Pradesh has a rich cultural heritage inherited from Buddhism which had strong hold for many decades. Amaravati is one such destination where you can find the influence of Buddhism wherever you go. The Buddhist stupa is one such monument receiving universal admirations. Paigah Tombs, Purani Haveli, Falaknuma Palace, Asman Garh Palace, Golconda Fort and the list goes on. Besides the above mentioned, your exploration can reveal remains of Buddhist monasteries, ruined temple structures, partially functioning palaces, whihc stand the vagaries of time over these centuries.