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Katiki Waterfalls - Andhra Pradesh


If you are a lover of wild nature, trekking and some adventurous encounter in the jungle, then make a trip to Kataki waterfalls. This falls is near Borra caves. Before visiting Borra cave you can go for this adventurous trip and refresh yourself in the milky waterfalls. This waterfall is nearly 7 KM from Gatevalsa, from where you need to trek through the dense forest to reach the waterfalls.

There are Jeeps safaris available to take us beyond Gatevalsa and they drop us before the railway track. From here we must trek about half Km to reach the base of the waterfalls. Once you arrive the base of the waterfalls, you will feel that all these hardships are worth. There are steps leading to the waterfalls, for safe climbing. The jeep that take you to the hilltop will wait for about a one hour to drop you down again. So the tourist must be time cautious while spending time at this waterfalls.

Other Attractions:

Apart from the lovely waterfalls, most unique one about this place is the Tribal shops and cuisines. After taking cold water shower, one can taste the most palatial hot and spicy Bamboo chicken.This dish is the top most highlight of the waterfalls. This chicken recipe is like the kababs, but eh difference is that they are baked inside bamboo trees. There are also few other tribal shops set up, which sells biscuits, water bottles and other snacks. The natural mountain honey is also sold here.

Price by Jeep:

The jeep safari cost about rupees hundred per person, (up and Down the hill). During the season time, it may double. Some jeeps also run in share basis. The road is very crude with lots of ditches, boulders and pits. So, it is not advisable to take our own car. This trip to Katiki waterfall from the Jeep Point at Gatevalsa and return will take minimum 2 hours. The waterfall may go dry in summer. This cave comes before Borra caves, and if you want to take an adventurous trip, they you must surely visit this water falls. This falls is visible even before you enter the tunnel.

By Road:

As you enter the tunnel and heed on the Araku valley road, this falls in located to the left side before Borra caves. This waterfalls is visible to all, so it is easy to reach and locate.