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Tourist Places Araku Valley - Andhra Pradesh

Araku Valley

Araku valley is a small paradise on earth. Its enchanting lush greenery will make everyone fall for it. This amazing hill station is located 115 km from Vizag, Andra Pradesh. The unfathomable valley of Araku lure tourist from all over the world with its breathtaking valleys, silvery waterfalls and verdant forests.

The most welcoming part during the journey to the Araku hills is the narrow hairpin bends, lined both sides by thick forests. . More than 40 tunnels and number of bridges are on the way welcomes the tourists warmly. Dark shade and presence of sodium lamp inside the tunnel do their magic on travelers. Apart from these attractions, Araku valley is blessed with waterfalls, well-groomed gardens, rich orchards, and lush forests. Behold the immense and incomparable beauties of this valley.

Below are the must to visit places at this valley.

Borra Caves :

One of the most visited places in Araku valley is the Borra valley. This beautiful place is also called as Borra Guhalu, which means a bored cave in Telungu. This cave is situated on the East coast of India, in Araku valley. This cave is one of the largest caves in India, with an elevation of about 705m (2,313 ft). Yet another interesting part of the cave is that, it exhibits a variety of speleothems. These caves mostly consist of karstic limestone structures extending to a depth of 80 m, which is makes it the deepest cave in India.

Tribal Museum :

Tribal museum at Araku valley is a famous tourist attraction. This museum is newly renovated with lots of facilities to lure tourists. Most important among them are the boating facilities, coffee shops, and few lovely sculpture. This museum, is still under construction, which will be completed within a couple of months. This museum exhibits models of village panchayat and agricultural activities including plowing, millet farming, husk removing and lot more. Apart from this there is an exclusive area for antique jewels, masks, and photo gallery.

Katiki Waterfalls :

Katiki waterfalls cascades from about 4 km away from Borra caves. This waterfalls falls at 50 ft high and has its origin from the Gosthani River. The waters are very clear at this waterfalls, to the extent that you can see the rock beneath in naked eyes. This water falls is encircled with peaceful ambiance and lush forests. Some area at this falls are slippery, but even then the water are shallow, so it is not dangerous.

Dumbriguda Waterfalls :

A fifteen kms drive from Araku valley will lead to a beautiful milky waterfalls "Dumbriguda waterfalls". This waterfalls is very famous and is found always crowded. The whole place has turned out to be a perfect picnic spot as the flawless stream runs across the entire valley, creating an illusion of a fairy land. This waterfalls cascades from a height of 3,215 ft, with milky waters, which made it a predominant shooting spot for most of the South Indian films. The silver wood trees are adding beauty to this waterfalls.

Travel Mode :

Train : Trains are available from Vishakhapatnam to Araku valley. The train journey to this valley is most mesmerizing as, you can witness mesmerizing scenery, emerald green Eastern Ghats and many sparkling waterfalls.

Bus : From Vishakhapatnam, Araku valley is at a distance of 129 km. Busses are available to Araku valley from Vishakhapatnam and other important cities.