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Tourist Places Guntur - Andhra Pradesh


Guntur situated 64 km away from the Bay of Bengal lies in Andhra Pradesh and is the fourth largest city of the state. The city has something of everything. It is one of the learning centers of the state; it holds historical significance; it is a textile and transportation hub of the country and it also holds agricultural importance because of the production of cotton and tobacco.

Guntur has great significance; it is a hub of everything. Apart from that, it is also the commercial and industrial hub, dotted with lots of historical monuments. This city ranks top in textile production and cultivation of cotton and Tobacco.

History :

The history of Guntur dates backs to the 10th century. The mention of this place has been found in one of the inscription of the Chalukyan King, Ammaraja. It is a wide belief that, Chalukyas ruled this place most of the years, even then there are evidences for the rule of Nagals for a certain period.

The city has got an ancient temple of Lord Shiva Known as Agasthyaeswara Sivalayam. The temple dates to the 12th century, has some ancient inscriptions and is believed to have been built by Agastya.

Most of the impressive structure that adorn the city is built during the reign of French and British. During the British rule, Guntur was an important export hub, like as now. Along with this Guntur chillies are of best quality and are mostly exported to foreign countries. Production of cotton and tobacco also deserves a special mention.

Guntur is untouched by modernization and stays as pleasant as ever. This little wonder land is apt to spend our holidays. Some of the tourist places of interest in Guntur are the Kondaveedu Fort, Sitanagaram, Undavalli Caves and the ancient relics of Amaravathi.