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Tourist Places Vijayawada - Andhra Pradesh


On the banks of the holy River Krishna, with great pride and joy situates the 'city of victory' - Vijayawada. It is named so as an admiration to the victory of Goddess Durga of the great Kanaka Durga Temple over a demon.

Recognized as the ‘Global City of the Future’ by a business magazine named McKinsey Quarterly, Vijayawada is truly a special place to visit. The city has a rich mix of both modernity and foregone glory with an astounding medley of nature to suit the taste of different types of travellers.

Vijayawada is a scenic charm with a galore of rivers, islands and stunning hills to lure you with. The beauty and enchantment of the place entice a good number of romantic vacationers to Vijayawada.

The historic sites placed amidst an alluring natural setting will treat you with a plethora of history and culture of the region while you get pampered by nature.

Enveloped with miscellaneous vegetation covers, Vijayawada is one of the productive lands of the country. Vijayawada is famous for the best varieties of mangoes and the delicious local cuisines of the place are also much in demand.

While Vijayawada is a fun-filled holiday spot for picnickers, students find it as an educative place that provides them with a lot of information about the history, culture, heritage, trade and commerce flourishing here as well as the agricultural abundance of the region. The educational facilities offered here made the city to be known as ‘Vidyalaya Wada’, meaning the ‘place of education’.

Vijayawada is gifted with numerous temples and shrines which makes it a prominent spiritual hub. There are myriads of tourists attractions ranging from ancient caves, famous national parks, museums and forts to explore in Vijayawada.

You can make use of the rare chance to cross the Krishna River by transportation boats during your visit to Vijayawada and can also indulge in adventure activities and watersports at the Bhavani Island.

Vijayawada at night is so stunning, especially the Prakasam Barrage bridge which is illuminated in the evening will blow your mind. Reasons are many to add Vijayawada to your travel list and so are the wonders that await you there.

Popular As:

Vijayawada is popular as the business capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Prominent places to visit:

Kanaka Durga Temple: The Kanaka Durga Temple on the banks of River Krishna with the backdrop of captivating Indrakiladri hills is an architectural splendour and getting a glimpse of the golden idol of Goddess Durga ornamented with gold ornaments is truly a vision of magnificence.

Subramanya Swami Temple: Dedicated to Lord Muruga (Karthikeya), the Subramanya Swami Temple is a spiritual hub surrounded by nature's grandeur in the form of rivers, forests and mountains.

Hinkar Thirtha: Displaying an imposing architectural style of Jains, the Hinkar Thirtha is one of the most popular Jain temples in Andhra Pradesh.

Hazratbal Mosque: The Hazratbal Mosque is a well-known attraction in Vijayawada that displays the relics of Prophet Muhammed once a year to the people, irrespective of their caste and creeds.

Gundala Matha Shrine: Gundala Matha Shrine is a holy shrine dedicated to Mother Mary in Vijayawada. The museum that houses holy relics is a major attraction here.

Undavalli Caves: The Undavalli Caves which are of national and historic importance is a perfect monolithic example of Indian rock-cut architecture.

Mogalarajapuram Caves: The architecture and the ancient carvings of the Mogalarajapuram Caves portrays the early Indian culture and heritage that dates back to the 5th century.

Kolleru Lake: Being one of the largest freshwater lakes in India, the Kolleru Lake is a seasonal hub for migratory birds.

Bhavani Island: Bhavani Island is a picturesque picnicking spot teeming with numerous leisure activities.

Kondapalli Fort: The 7th-century old Kondapalli Fort treats its visitors with fascinating stories of the bygone era.

Victoria Museum: The Victoria Museum that houses a colossal granite statue of Lord Buddha, numerous ancient artefacts, paintings and pre-historic tools is a delight for archaeological buffs.

Gandhi Hill: The 15.8 feet tall Gandhi Stupa at the Gandhi Hill forms the first memorial in India dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. Don't miss out the Sound and Light Show on Mahatma Gandhi's life at the Gandhi Hills.

Rajiv Gandhi Park: Rajiv Gandhi Park is a fun-filled cum informative tourist attraction that boasts a mini zoo, aquarium, built-up structures of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals as well as many entertaining activities.

Prakasam Barrage: Prakasam Barrage is a favourite leisure spot of tourists that offers an incredible view of the holy River Krishna with the backdrop of Kanaka Durga Hill.

Best Time to Visit:

Vijayawada is a beautiful place with a moderate climate. October to March is regarded as the best time to visit Vijayawada. The unbearable hot and humid climate of the summer season makes the place less crowded between the months of March and May. And the temperature during summer varies between a minimum of 20°C to a maximum of 47°C. Vijayawada receives a large number of tourists during the winter months from December to February. The weather is so pleasant and soothing during this season with temperature ranging between 10°C and 30°C. July to September is the monsoon season in Vijayawada. The south-west as well as the north-east monsoon falls embellish the place with lush greenery which gives the city a reviving look. For those picnickers who love rain can make use of this season to explore Vijayawada.

Way to Reach:

 By Air -  Rajahmundry Airport and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad are the nearest airports to Vijayawada which are situated at a distance of 172.9 Km and 289 Km respectively.

 By Rail -  Vijayawada Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Vijayawada.

By Road: Vijayawada Bus Station is the nearest bus station to Vijayawada which is situated at a distance of 4.4 Km.