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Alleppey Alleppey, the hotspot destination in Kerala is better known as "The Backwater Paradise". With the most unique backwater chains in the World, Alleppey enthralls and captivate its visitors with her indisputable beauty. Houseboats are the major attraction for people coming to Alleppey. A houseboat trip along the backwaters is definitely a "must experience in a lifetime " activity. Alleppey is said to be the oldest planned city in Kerala. It is gifted with backwaters, beaches, and beautifully carved lagoons. Alleppey has a long lined coastline and the whole land is situated at sea level, with some places like Kuttanad, even below sea level.

House Boat Cruise

The most sought after leisure activity in Kerala. A huge number of people from all parts of the World visit Kerala every year to enjoy a ride through this shimmering waterways sidelined by dense tropical greenery. Houseboats are always in demand by honeymoon couples, and families as well. You will have a pure ethnic Kerala cuisine on the boat prepared with freshly caught fish of your choice. Houseboat cruising through these unique backwaters is recommended to be experienced at least once in a lifetime, to enjoy the everlasting love of our Mother Earth. The overnight stay in a houseboat at the middle of the Alleppey backwaters is for sure a moment to cherish all along our life journey.

Shikara Boating

This is another form of backwater boating. Unlike house boats, Shikara boats are small in size and are the most suitable and soothing ride to explore the placid waters of narrow canals where big boats cannot reach. The Shikara boat is of varied sizes with seat capacities ranging from 4 to 6.

Motor Boating

This is a roam around Alleppey waters ride, and 5 to 150 people can sit in various motor boats of different sizes. There is no overnight stay available.

Mullakal Rajeswari Temple

A 500 years old temple is located at the heart of the city, probably one of the finest examples of ancient Indian architecture. The structure looks magnificent during the evening hours, when the oil lamps all around the temple building, illuminate the whole temple. Its origin is still a subject full of contradictions, both for the historians and the religious people. There are many different stories revolving around this holy place. The goddess consecrated here is also called Mullakkal Amma, “the mother of all”. Another fascinating fact about this temple is that it has an open roof above the sanctum.

Ambalapuzha Krishna Temple

This is another wonderful specimen of Indian architecture, directly associated with the famous Guruvayurappan Temple. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna [Hindu deity] built during the 17th century A.D by Chembakassery Pooradam Thirunal Thampuran. There are paintings of the Dasavatharam [the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu] displayed on the inner walls of the Chuttambalam [a structure that covers the sanctum from all 4 sides]. Ambalapuzha Pal Payasam, a rice pudding is made in this temple daily, as it is believed the Lord Guruvayurappan visits the temple every day to have it. The payasam is famous all around Kerala and people come from all parts of the state to have this as a form of blessings from the Lord Krishna.

Jain Temple

This marble built temple, more than a century old, holds the history of Gujarati Jains who lived in Alleppey. It is situated at the Gujarati Street of Alleppey. A walk along the Gujarati street and a visit to this old Jain temple is recommended for those visiting Alleppey.


Kuttanad is probably the center of the backwaters. This beautiful and greeny countryside is full of rice paddies, hence earning the praise “The Ricebowl of Kerala”. It is also famous for its peculiar geography. The land of Kuttanad is below sea level and has the lowest altitude in India. Here farming is done below sea level, likely 0.6 to 3 m’s below.

Alleppey Beach and Light house

For the beach bums, Alleppey beach is a lovely platform to get wet as well as sunbathing. The Alleppey beach lighthouse is the first of its kind to be built on the Kerala coastline and is worth a visit.

Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple

Situated at Haripad, 32 kms from Alleppey, this is a Serpent Shine, world renowned as a pilgrim center of Lord Nagaraja [Lord of Serpents]. It is believed that the first priestess of this temple gave birth to a 5 headed serpent, which is believed to be at the ancestral house guarding the family.

Revi Karunakaran Memorial Museum

Betty Karan, in loving memory of her husband Revi, built this museum in 2003. The family collected fine art, and artifacts for 3 generations, and those are displayed in the museum. The building itself is a piece of artistic brilliance. It has verdant lawn in front, a kidney shaped pool with lovely water lilies. The whole building area is 28,000 sqft.

Coir Making and Village Visit

A ramble through Alleppey villages will educate you about how the people work, make money for bread and butter, and what are the main sources of income in Alleppey such as the coir production, for which Alleppey is world renowned for. You could have a great fishing experience in the Alleppey backwaters, also witness firsthand different innovative ideas for catching fish by the fishermen. Toddy tapping from the coconut trees is another interesting sight you can watch, and even taste the special natural alcoholic sap [palm beer] of Alleppey. It is the most used beverage by the people residing in Alleppey. A walk along the churches, temples and small huts is also a worthwhile experience. You could interact with the village people on the way to understand about their life in Alleppey. You will come across lush, verdant paddy fields and see how people work on muddy fields.

Krishnapuram Palace

This palace built in the 18th century AD in the traditional Kerala architectural style of Pathinarukettu [multi storied mansion with 4 open courtyards] is situated 45 kms away at Kayamkulam. It was built by Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma. The palace is now under the Archaeological Department of Kerala, therefore also working as a museum holding many antique collections of the palace, like sculptures, paintings, and bronzes.


Summer - Summer starts at Alleppey by March, and ends in May. Humidity is high during this season, and temperature averages 35°C. Regardless of the heat during the period, it is pretty much a good time to visit Alleppey.

Monsoon - During the months June to September, the monsoon succeeds the summer and brings heavy rainfall to Alleppey resulting in water logging in the area. Therefore visiting Alleppey during the monsoon could restrict you stay inside your hotel room, not enjoying the great outdoors of Alleppey.

Winter - Perfect time for visiting Alleppey. The temperature is cool and inviting ranging from 17°C to 27°C. The season starts by November and continue till the end of February.

Travel Mode

By Road - Accessible by NH-47, Alleppey is just 60 kms from the commercial center and cosmopolitan city Kochi. The other nearest cities are Kottayam, and Kollam. The Kerala state bus services is available 24/7 from any Government bus stands in Kerala as well as whole South India.

By Air - The nearest airport is Kochi Nedumbassery International Airport, which is 80 kms from Alleppey. The Trivandrum International Airport is also easily accessible from Alleppey and is likely 140 kms away. There are frequent flights available to both airports from all the major cities in India.

By Rail - Alleppey Railway station is 3 kms away from Alleppey town. Both passenger trains within the state and express trains are available daily from all other cities in Kerala, as well as India.

Alleppey is world renowned for its gifted backwaters connecting lakes, rivers, lagoons lined alongside the lush picturesque landscape. The houseboat cruise is one of the most recommended recreational activities in the world. Spending a night at the middle of this scintillating backwater will simply enlighten your mind and relax your body. It has got a lovely beach, old temples, churches, and most importantly, delicious Kerala cuisine including both sea and fresh water food. What else you wish to visit this wondrous land? Get up, Pack your bags, and head on to the land of coconuts, loose yourselves in the pure natural trance of Alleppey. We are waiting to assist you for your wonderful trip.

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