Explore Alleppey: The Backwater Paradise of Kerala


Alleppey, known popularly as "The Backwater Paradise," is a premier destination in Kerala, famous for its unique backwater networks that are among the most distinctive in the world. The city captivates visitors with its undeniable charm. Houseboats rank as the primary draw for tourists here. Embarking on a houseboat journey across these waters is often described as a once-in-a-lifetime experience one should not to miss.

As Kerala's oldest planned city, Alleppey boasts not only backwaters but also beaches and intricately carved lagoons. The city features an extensive coastline, and it is notable that the entire region sits at sea level, with certain areas like Kuttanad positioned even below sea level.

House Boat Cruise

A top leisure activity in Kerala attracts countless visitors yearly from globally to navigate through shimmering waterways bordered by lush tropical foliage on houseboats. Highly sought after by honeymooners and families alike, guests are treated to authentic ethnic Kerala cuisine prepared onboard with freshly caught fish. An overnight stay in the middle of the Alleppey backwaters provides memorable moments lasting a lifetime.

Shikara Boating

This form of boating serves as an ideal and tranquil option for exploring the placid waters of narrow canals inaccessible to larger vessels. Shikara boats come in various sizes, accommodating between four to six passengers.

Motor Boating

Offering a different kind of thrill, motor boating in Alleppey allows groups ranging from five to 150 participants to traverse the waters without overnight accommodation options.

Mullakal Rajeswari Temple

This 500-year-old temple stands at Alleppey’s core and showcases ancient Indian architecture's grandeur, especially when illuminated by oil lamps at night. The origin tales of this temple are diverse and debated by historians and religious scholars alike; however, its cultural significance remains undiminished.

Ambalapuzha Krishna Temple

Another exemple of Indian architectural brilliance relates directly to Guruvayurappan Temple and honours Lord Krishna. Built in the 17th century A.D., it houses paintings depicting the Dasavatharam (the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu). Ambalapuzha Pal Payasam, a ceremonial rice pudding prepared daily here, attracts devotees from across Kerala who seek blessings from Lord Krishna.

Jain Temple

Over a century old, this marble structure chronicles the lives of Gujarati Jains residing in Alleppey. Located on Gujarati Street, it provides visitors with a glimpse into this community's rich history.


Often referred to as “The Ricebowl of Kerala,” Kuttanad lies at the heart of backwaters surrounded by verdant rice paddies. Its geography is unique with much of its land situated below sea level – a rarity in India where agriculture takes place below sea level too.

Alleppey Beach and Lighthouse

The beach offers sunbathing and swimming opportunities while its historical lighthouse stands out as an iconic structure along Kerala’s coastline.

Sree Nagaraja Temple

Located about 32 km from Alleppey in Haripad is known as a significant serpent shrine revered for its association with Lord Nagaraja (Lord of Serpents). Legend has it that the first priestess here gave birth to a five-headed serpent now believed to protect her family’s ancestral home.

Karunakaran Memorial Museum

Built by Betty Karan to honor her husband Revi's memory in 2003 showcases art pieces collected over three generations alongside sculptures and antiques curated within this artistically significant building featuring lush lawns and ornate design details spanning 28,000 sqft.

Coir Making and Village Visit

Exploring local villages allows visitors insight into everyday life where coir production plays a predominant economic role alongside traditional fishing techniques worth witnessing firsthand.

Krishnapuram Palace

An architectural marvel built in the traditional Pathinarukettu style during the 18th century now operates under the Archaeological Department serving both as historical preservation site & museum featuring antique collections including sculptures & bronzes located about 45 kms from Alleppey at Kayamkulam.

For those planning visits during different seasons:

Summer (March-May) sees high temperatures around 35°C accompanied by humidity.

Monsoon (June-September) brings heavy rainfall causing potential water logging.

Winter (November-February) offers cool weather ideal for exploring attractions ranging temperatures between 17°C to 27°C.

Regarding transportation options:

Accessed via NH-47 road connectivity or by state buses available around-the-clock.

Nearest airports include Kochi Nedumbassery International Airport (80 km) & Trivandrum International Airport (~140 km).

Local train services connecting various cities operate out of Alleppey Railway station situated within 3 kms from town center


What makes Alleppey famous?

Alleppey, known as "The Backwater Paradise," is famous for its intricate network of backwaters, houseboat cruises, serene beaches, and cultural landmarks like ancient temples and historical sites.

What are the top attractions in Alleppey?

Top attractions in Alleppey include houseboat cruises through the backwaters, Mullakal Rajeswari Temple, Ambalapuzha Krishna Temple famous for its Pal Payasam, Kuttanad - the Ricebowl of Kerala, Alleppey Beach and Lighthouse, Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple, Revi Karunakaran Memorial Museum, coir making villages, and Krishnapuram Palace.

What are the activities to do in Alleppey?

Visitors can enjoy houseboat cruises, Shikara boating in narrow canals, motor boating, exploring ancient temples and museums, visiting coir making villages, and relaxing on Alleppey Beach.

What is the best time to visit Alleppey?

The best time to visit Alleppey is from November to February during the winter season when the weather is pleasant for exploring the backwaters and outdoor attractions. Avoid visiting during the monsoon (June to September) due to heavy rainfall.

How can I reach Alleppey?

Alleppey is accessible by road via NH-47, state buses, and private taxis. The nearest airports are Kochi Nedumbassery International Airport (80 km) and Trivandrum International Airport (~140 km). Alleppey Railway Station, located within 3 km from the town center, connects to major cities via local train services.