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Tourist Attractions - Avalanche Lake - Tamilnadu

Avalanche Lake

The lake Avalanche derives its name from the huge landslide that happened in the early 1800s. Located at a distance of 22 kms from Ooty, Avalanche Lake happens to be a magical destination for tourists those who visit Ooty.

The truly untouched nature welcomes you with its enchanting beauty and tranquillity. The crystal clear water in the lake, the scenic ambience and the quiet afternoon are priceless gifts of nature which you can never afford to miss during your trip to Ooty. Bird watching is yet another charm of this area, tempting you to sit on the banks for hours together.

The panoramic view of the other lakes adjacent to Avalanche is a breath-taking one. The region around this lake is a reserved forest area, where the tourists are restricted to enter. The four major attractions around Avalnche Lake are, the rare flower Neelakurinji which blossoms once in twelve years, the Cauliflowers Mountains, Maa Bhavani temple and the serene lake. If you are a nature lover, do visit Avalanche Lake and get drenched in its divine beauty!