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Explore Charminar: Hyderabad's Iconic Landmark and Architectural Marvel


This remarkable work of art, known as Charminar, was commissioned by Quli Qutb Shah when he relocated the capital from Golconda to Hyderabad. Situated in the heart of Hyderabad, Charminar stands as a prominent landmark and a popular attraction for visitors. The monument, famous for its four distinctive minarets, exemplifies Indo-Islamic architecture and looks stunning when illuminated at night.

Highlights :

Charminar has become a symbol of Hyderabad since its construction. Located on the city’s eastern bank, it showcases the extraordinary skills of our ancestors.

To the north, the Char Kaman consists of four grand gateways built in the cardinal directions, initially serving as a mosque.

Dubbed the Pearl of Hyderabad, Charminar stands as a testament to our rich history, dating back over 400 years.

Exploring this ancient edifice reveals breathtaking architectural details with influences of Persian style. The view from the upper floor overlooking the Makkah Masjid is particularly spectacular.

Major Attractions

  • Charminar is famed for its majestic arches, minarets, balconies, and domes, adorned with elaborate carvings.
  • It houses an exquisite mosque that attracts numerous visitors and serves as a spiritual hub.
  • From its minarets, one can enjoy panoramic views of the historic Golconda Fort and the vibrant Laad Bazaar.
  • Laad Bazaar is renowned for its colourful, ornate bangles.
  • Nearby spiritual sites include the Makkah Masjid and the Bhagyalakshmi Temple.
  • Another highlight is the Char Kaman, featuring the stunning Gulzar Houz fountain.

Speciality Of The Place

Charminar, meaning 'Four Minarets,' was built by Muhammed Quli Qutb Shah in 1591 to celebrate the end of a plague in Hyderabad. Constructed from marble, granite, mortar, and limestone, this symmetrical monument measures 20 meters on each side. Its arches, 11 meters wide and 20 meters tall, connect to four-story minarets, each 49 meters high, symbolizing the first four caliphs of Islam.

Way To Reach

 By Air - Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad is the nearest airport to Charminar which is situated at a distance of 23.3 Km.

 By Rail -  Dabirpura Railway Station, Hyderabad is the nearest railway station to Charminar which is situated at a distance of 2.7 Km.

 By Road -  Central Bus Station, Hyderabad is the nearest bus station to Charminar which is situated at a distance of 2.5 Km.


What is the historical significance of Charminar in Hyderabad?

Charminar, built in 1591 by Quli Qutb Shah, marks the founding of Hyderabad and symbolizes the end of a plague. It stands as a magnificent example of Indo-Islamic architecture and is a cherished cultural icon.

What are the main attractions at Charminar?

Charminar is renowned for its four grand minarets, stunning arches, and intricate balconies. Visitors can also explore its mosque and enjoy panoramic views of Golconda Fort from its minarets.

What can visitors expect at Laad Bazaar near Charminar?

Laad Bazaar, adjacent to Charminar, is famous for its vibrant bangles and traditional jewelry. It's a bustling marketplace where visitors can shop for souvenirs and experience the local culture.

How can one explore Charminar and its surroundings?

Visitors can explore Charminar, visit nearby spiritual sites like the Makkah Masjid and Bhagyalakshmi Temple, shop at Laad Bazaar, engage in photography, and enjoy local sightseeing.

What are the transportation options to reach Charminar in Hyderabad?

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is approximately 23.3 km away. For those traveling by rail, Dabirpura Railway Station is about 2.7 km away, and the Central Bus Station is around 2.5 km away for road travelers.