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Arts and Crafts


Eco-friendly Handicrafts : Baskets, Jute products and crafts made of dry flowers are iconic crafts of Pondicherry, which are most of the times souvenirs preferred by global travellers visiting Pondicherry.

Korai Mats : Mats made of a special variety of grass, to beat the heat during summer. The hand woven mats exhibited in the local stores attract large number of local residents and travellers alike.

Handmade Paper : A signature craft of Pondicherry is handmade paper, an initiative towards a eco-friendly society. Lanterns, lampshades, photo frames and may other products are crafted out of this handmade paper and are best depicting the innovative style of artisans in Pondicherry.

Pondicherry Bommai : The most popular handicraft of Pondicherry is bommai, the dolls which are so beautiful handicraft made of papiermache, terracotta or plaster of paris. You can buy these cute pieces of art in all handicrafts emporia across the town.