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Inherited from Kerala, Mohiniattam is yet another folk art form. Referring to the legends of Hindu Puranas and epics, Mohini is the term referring to Lord Vishnu who disguised Himself as a pretty women to divert the attention of Asuras from consuming the nectar obtained by churning Ocean of Milk.

Narrating the entire episode by female artistes representing Mohini is this Mohinattam, a predominantly popular dance form in Kerala. It is mostly a solo dance, enacting the scenes one by one with gorgeous and graceful steps is something which you can only experience and cannot be explained.

The feeling of Lasya, as per the terminologies of dancing, Mohiniyattam is done with delicate footsteps, subtle expressions and undulating movements, depicting erotic emotions (sringara), the divine love shown to Lord Vishnu.

Mohiniyattam is performed as a solo one with Mridangam and Violin accompanying the songs composed in Manipravala Style, that is, a mix of Tamil and Sanskrit.

Include a session on watching Mohiniattam, an expressive dance form relating to the spiritual manifestations during your tour to Pondicherry this time.