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Thai poosam Festivals in Tamilnadu

Thai poosam

Be a part of the celebrations at Palani in Tamilnadu where Lord Muruga is worshipped by lakhs of devotees in the Tamil month of Thai. In 2018, the festival falls on 31st January. The temple atop the hill housing Lord Murugan as the presiding deity witnesses devotees carrying bedecked wooden decks, milk pots on their heads and lances pierced in their bodies. As an offering to the God for their prayers responded, devotees undergo these rituals and surrender to his feet.

The temple will be kept open throughout the day of Thaipoosam. You have the options of climbing the 700 steps to reach the temple along with the other devotees carrying their offerings or you can go up by the rope car and winch. You need to walk around half a kilometer from the parking zone to the foot hills. You must be patient enough to get your turn to use the winch or rope car as the crowd will be in the order of thousands.