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Berijam Lake

Berijam Lake

Situated at an altitude of 2094 m, Berijam lake is one of the most beautiful locations in and around Kodaikanal which is acclaimed as the Princess of South India’s Hill Stations. It is indeed breath taking to witness the beauty of this man-made lake with the scenic backdrop of mother nature in its original essence and abundant beauty spreading across.

Berijam lake is located at a distance of 22 kms from the centre of Kodaikanal town inside a forest. As an effort to preserve nature, only limited number of vehicles are allowed inside the forest and the timings are from 9.30AM to 3 PM. During other timings, no one is allowed to surf inside the forest. Travelling from Kodaikanal to Berijam lake itself is an awe inspiring experience with the welcoming of mother nature with her gorgeous beauty.

Berijam lake is a perfect location for a day long picnic with your friends and family during your visit to Kodaikanal. It is indeed undeniable that the sparkling blue crystalline water of Berijam Lake is admired invariably by all after witnessing its radiant beauty. If you are a nature lover or a photo fanatic or a backpakcers, you will surely fall in love with Berijam Lake.

Fishing, Bird Watching and surfing are the most popular activities in this lake. As this happens to be the primary water source for the nearby towns and cities, boating is prohibited in Berijam Lake. The best time to visit Berijam lake is preferably in the morning owing to the restriction in the number of vehicles allowed inside the forest. From October to May, you can very well plan to visit this wonderful destination which is a soul satiating one.

Guna cave, Kodaikanal Golf club, Pillar rocks, Fairy falls are the other popular locations near Berijam, which travellers should never miss. Include Berijam lake in your bucket list while planning for a tour to Kodaikanal this summer.