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Devil's Kitchen

Devil's Kitchen

Devil's kitchen - As the name suggests, this is one of the most adventurous and extremely daring deep cliff in Kodaikanal. This enthralling deep place is located between the Green Valley View and Pillar rocks.

This is a deep cleft that strikes to one tiny gutter Tourists are highly warned before trailing through these crooked slippery caves. For the one who love adventure this place is their cup of tea.

Adding to this millions of bats live in these deep caves and make the journey through the rock very challenging. For all those who are enthusiastic about challenging terrains, Devil's kitchen would be a great place for them to hangout.

Persons with any health issues and children are not advised to trek inside these caves. Other attractions nearby are the Kodai Lake, Bear Shola Falls, Dolphin's Nose, Fairy falls, Silver Cascade, Shembaganur Museum of Natural History and Kodaikanal Solar Observatory.