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Government Rose Garden

Government Rose Garden

Acclaimed as one of the thirty five best maintained Gardens worldwide, the Rose Garden in Ooty makes you spell bound with its wide variety of flowers and the way in which they are arranged.

It is the unique tropical mountain climate prevailing in Ooty, suitable for growing roses, has made this possible in the slopes of the Elk Hills.

Started with 1200 varieties of Roses, the Garden has seen a vast expansion of 20,000 varieties of Roses, arranged in four layers covering an area of four hectares.

There is an exclusive arrangement called Nila Madam, from where the tourists can enjoy the view of the entire garden.

The annual flower show conducted in this Garden attracts lakhs of tourists every year. The elaborate decorations made in view of this flower show is beyond explanations and one has to see it to believe it. Visit the Government Rose Garden, feel the Zephyr amidst the Roses which you had never experienced before anywhere else!