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Nilgiri Mountain Railway - Tourist Attrctions of Tamilnadu

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

South India's only Rack Railway, Nilgiri Mountain Railways runs trains between Mettupalayam and Ooty, popularly called as Toy Train. The train takes roughly 4.5 hrs to climb the hill and reaches the foothill in 3.6 hrs.

The return journey from Ooty through the steepest track is really an wonderful experience. The Toy train crosses through Coonoor, which is an important intermediate station besides halting at three stations as water stop. Crossing Lovedale, the train reaches Ooty carrying the happy tourists who have enjoyed an ecstatic travel.

The toy train is maintained by Ministry of Railways and during peak season time, four trains are run both ways. The Toy train is recognized by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site and though there is a fully computerized ticketing system deployed by the Ministry of Railways, the tickets for this toy train are issued as manual tickets to preserve and pass on the vintage feel to its travelers. Travel in Toy Train to cherish the nature in its own way.