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Explore St. Stephen's Church in Ooty: A Historical Gem of Tamil Nadu

St. Stephen's Church

Constructed in 1830, St. Stephen's Church stands as one of the earliest churches in Tamil Nadu & continues to serve as a place of worship. Its wooden craftsmanship and imposing pillars lend a majestic touch to the architectural style.

Situated near the city center and under the care of the Coimite District Diocese, this church is a must-see when visiting Ooty, particularly for its vintage charm and serene atmosphere. The detailed carvings on the walls coupled with the exquisite stained glass window paintings enhance its allure.

Behind the church lies a cemetery where you'll find tombs belonging to military personnel and their families. Insights into their lives can be garnered from the epitaphs on these tombstones. This site is certainly worth dedicating half a day to while exploring Ooty!


When was St. Stephen's Church constructed, and why is it significant?

St. Stephen's Church in Ooty was built in 1830, making it one of the oldest churches in Tamil Nadu. It is renowned for its vintage architecture and historical importance.

What can visitors expect to see inside St. Stephen's Church?

Inside St. Stephen's Church, visitors can admire impressive wooden craftsmanship, imposing pillars, detailed wall carvings, and exquisite stained glass window paintings, reflecting its majestic architectural style.

Is there anything notable behind St. Stephen's Church?

Behind the church, there is a cemetery containing tombs of military personnel and their families. The epitaphs on these tombstones offer insights into the lives and history of those buried there.

Who manages St. Stephen's Church, and where is it located in Ooty?

St. Stephen's Church is under the care of the Coimbatore District Diocese and is conveniently situated near the city center of Ooty, making it easily accessible for visitors.

How much time should I allocate for visiting St. Stephen's Church?

To fully appreciate St. Stephen's Church and its surroundings, plan to spend at least half a day exploring its historical artifacts, architecture, and the tranquil atmosphere of its cemetery.