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Discover Tiger Hills: A Serene Retreat Near Ooty

Tiger Hill

Tiger Hills, situated a mere 16 km from the bustling city of Ooty, offers a tranquil escape from the usual tourist spots. This stunning location will consistently amaze you with its breathtaking landscapes and sparkling water bodies encountered along the journey.

Encircled by dense forests, Tiger Hills boasts a rich tapestry of flora & fauna, presenting a slice of paradise right before your eyes.

Perched on the summit lies a clear water reservoir that serves as a vital drinking water source for the city. Encased by lush forest and vibrant wildlife, with clouds weaving through the hills in an enchanting dance and what more could one desire to capture their breath and Savor the moment?

In addition to its natural beauty, there is also a nearby cave that holds numerous tales from days gone by.

For those passionate about nature and photography, Tiger Hills provides an exceptional retreat.


Where is Tiger Hills located, and how far is it from Ooty?

Tiger Hills is located just 16 km from Ooty, offering a peaceful getaway from the city's hustle and bustle amidst stunning natural landscapes.

What can visitors expect to see at Tiger Hills?

Visitors can expect breathtaking landscapes, sparkling water bodies, dense forests rich in flora & fauna, and a tranquil water reservoir atop the summit.

What activities can one enjoy at Tiger Hills?

Tiger Hills is ideal for nature enthusiasts and photographers who can explore its natural beauty, trekking trails, and nearby caves filled with intriguing stories.

Is Tiger Hills a good spot for photography?

Yes, Tiger Hills is a perfect spot for photography, offering picturesque views of lush forests, water bodies, and clouds dancing around the hills.

Are there any special attractions or historical significance at Tiger Hills?

Tiger Hills features a nearby cave with historical tales, adding to its allure as a serene and culturally rich destination near Ooty.