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Puducherry art and craft village

A plethora of delightful experiences is guaranteed when you make a visit to the Art and Craft Village at Puducherry. On the whole, Puducherry amazes you with the lifestyle, culture and heritage embraced mainly with the impact of the French colonisation which lasted till 1954. Besides the other beautiful locations attracting tourists from all corners of the globe, Puducherry has the most prominent Art and Craft Village which exhibits the indigenous works of the artisans, who have been the local residents of Puducherry over many years. The traditional and contemporary skill sets portrayed well in the village deserve a visit during your trip to Puducherry.

The unique interactive nature set on the outskirts of the Puducherry city near the Murungapakkam village is the exact locality where the Art and Craft village has been constructed with the plenty of artefacts made with variety of mediums like wood, terracotta, mud and the list goes on. By looking at the artefacts or just by going around the village, one can understand the deep connectivity of the indigenous religion, culture and heritage of Puducherry portrayed in an excellent manner.

The prime motto of this Art and Craft village at Puducherry is towards the re-emergence of  every art form and craftsmanship which is borne of a legacy of thousands of years which cannot be let fade away with the time. The Art and Craft Village looks actually like a National and International fora paving avenues for the talented craftsmen getting connected with an unique learning experience under the tutelage of the legendary leaders in the respective domains which in turn is aimed to rejuvenate the almost forgotten crafts and art forms of India.

The long survived crafts of our country and the diligent contribution of our ancestors are explained to the visitors in the form of audio visuals. The most jubilant part of your visit to the Art and Craft village at Puducherry is the live demonstrations you are allowed to engage and experience. You can involve yourself in creating shapes out of wet clays, dismantling and reassembling the strings of a violin, needless to say, learning can happen at any moment and need not have a full stop.

The artefacts are also for sale which you can take back to your loved ones as a souvenir of your visit to this Art and Craft Village. The beauty of the craftsmanship and the finest finishing of the articles behold your eyes and stay in your memory for a longer time.

The Art and Craft Village is one of the “Must Be Visited” places during your visit to Puducherry.

How To Reach :

Air : From the Chennai International airport, the destination can be reached by traveling along the ECR road covering a distance of 150 kms

Train : The Art and Craft Village in Puducherry is located very close to the Puducherry railway station at a distance of just 5kms

Road : The Union Territory of Puducherry has well laid network of roads connecting the major cities in the neighbouring states. The Art and Craft village can be reached in a hassle free road travel from any of the prominent cities around.

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