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Tanjavur Palace - Tamilnadu

Tanjavur Palace

Tanjore palace holds great admiration among visitor. This palace is built by Nayaks in the year 1550 AD and partly by Marathas. The threshold of this palace is a grand one with many beautiful sculptures. The fortitude that encloses the palace is very huge with two grand gateways.


The beauty of the palace is the eight stories building located in the southern side of the palace. This tall tower is called as Goodagopuram which is 190 ft high. This tower acts as the watch tower during the war time and to spy the enemy’s invasion by the Tanjavur kings.

There are two durbar hall are present inside the palace, these durbar halls are used as the court room by the Nayakas and Marathas. There is a great library named as Saraswathi Mahal which stocks millions of rare edition books in all India languages. There are about 30,433 Sanskrit palm manuscripts and 6,426 volumes of journals.

There is yet another tower like structure built by the Nayakas with six stories. This towers is to help the Nayak worship Lord Ranganathan, from this tower during the rule of British. There is a music hall to which is a replica of Madurai Thirumala Nayak Mahal.

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Tanjore is one of the major cities in India busses are available from all major towns.