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Kalakshetra - Tourist Attractions of Tamilnadu

Kalakshetra Foundation

Sprawling over an area of 100 acres land, there stands a testimony of a Lady Legend Rukmani Devi Arundale, who contributed to the field of Arts and Culture especially in South India. The Kalakshetra Foundation finds a significant place in the map of Tamil Nadu, in an exhaustive campus on the Sea Shore in Adyar, Chennai.

It is the dream project of Rukmani Devi Arundale whose philosophy and vision in her life was to educate the Youth not to become artistes alone, but they should have the right attitude towards life and art and they shall undergo a transformation to render a great service to our country.

With this big dream, under the guidance of Dr.Annie Besant and Dr.George Arundale, the Kalaskhetra foundation was started in the year 1936. Soon after the inception of this campus, both Rukmani Arundale and George Arundale were able to receive accolades and Kalakshetra started to emerge out as a nationally and internationally recognized institution. Students, teachers, dancers and musicians across the country and across the globe were very keen in joining in this institution.

This campus is focused on spreading Indian art forms in the form of artistic education.

It is worth visiting this campus recognized by the Government of India as “Institute of National Importance” during your visit to South India. You can visit this campus between 8.30 am and 11.30 am, enjoying the forms of art in a natural ambience.

Apart from a college providing courses on Dance, Music and Visual Arts, the Kalakshetra runs two schools as well, within the premises because the founder Rukmani Arundale strongly believed that human beings can flourish only with a right blend of arts and education.

Students from the age of seven undergo courses of different art forms. They stay in the hostel which is likened to the traditional form of education in India called “Gurukulam”. Healthy and hygienic hostel facilities are provided to the students from the different parts of the country and the world. Simplicity, Discipline and Reverence to all living things are the bottom line for all types of education systems practiced here.

Don’t ever miss your visit to this cultural campus where the lives of the students are beautified aesthetically.

Visiting Hours : 8.30 am to 11.30 am

Guidelines : Photos and Videos are prohibited.

How to Reach Kalakshetra?

By Air : The nearest airport is Chennai, from where the destination can be reached on road covering a distance of 16 kilometers. It will take less than an hour in regular traffic.

By Train : The Kalakshetra is at equidistant from the Airport and the Railway station. Spending less than an hour by a car will take you to the destination from Chennai Egmore and Chennai Central Railway stations.

By Road : Taking a drive in the 100 feet road from the Asia's largest bus terminal, Koyambedu, the Kalakshetra foundation can be reached within an hour.