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Kumbakonam City - Tamilnadu

Built in the 3rd century and a primeval city in India, Kumbakonam was the citadel of the Pallava kings. Later it was under the reign of the Cholas who erected many monumental temples. As Kumbakonam went under the reign of different kings, the architectural wonders of the place expanded. This town is famous for the Mahamaham festival which is conducted once in every 12 years.


Top Temples in Kumbakonam

Gowthameswarar temple: Situated right in front of the Mahamaham tank, the Gowthameswarar temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Yagnabhavatheeswar and his consort Goddess Sundaranayagi. This temple is famous among the temples in Kumbakonam as devotees get to take a dip in the Mahamaham tank here.

Nageswarar temple: Dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, the Nageswara Swami temple is one among the most renowned Shiva temples. It is believed that at this site the serpent Adishesha underwent penance to please the Lord and later was blessed by Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi.

Abhimugesvarar temple: The Abhimugesvarar temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one among the 12 temples which are associated with the Mahamaham festival. In this ancient temple one can see that the Sani Bhagwan is taller than the other 8 gods of the Navagraha.

Venkatachalapathy Swami temple: Among a string of Shiva temples, the Venkatachalapathy Swami temple is dedicated to the worship of the Hindu God Vishnu. This ancient temple boasts of ancient structural marvels.

Other Top Temple to visit in Kumbakonam : Adi Kumbeswarar temple, Airavatesvara temple and Sarangapani temple.

Best Places to visit in Kumbakonam

Bhagavatha Padithurai Ghat: A holy bath which is believed to wash away all the sins of a person who takes a dip in this place, the Bhagavatha Padithurai Ghat is situated in the Kaveri River. During the Mahamaham festival thousands flock to this place to wash away all sins and to make the mind, body and soul pure.

Kanchi Kamokoti Preetham Mutt: Established in the year 482 BC by the saint Adi Sankara, the Kanchi Kamokoti Preetham Mutt is a popular religious destination to visit in Kumbakonam.

Best time to visit Kumbakonam :

The town of Kumbakonam is best visited during the months of October to March when winter sets making the climate pleasant.

How to reach ?

By Air :The Tiruchirapalli airport is the closest one to Kumbakonam at a distance of 96 kilometers.

By Train :The Kumbakonam railway station is well connected by train to all the major cities, towns and villages.

By Road : Kumbakonam is well connected by the state transport and one can hire or rent a car to reach Kumbakonam by road.