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Tiruchirappalli City - Tamilnadu


Trichy, once being the Capital city of the Early Cholas, is still a place of significant antiquity, located at the fertile Kaveri delta. The city attained it’s name after the fierce three – headed demon who attained salvation after being slain by Shiva.

Dominating and most welcoming once you enter the city, would be the massive Rock Fort Temple, perched on a rock that rises 83 meters and roughly about 272 Feet high above the flat plains.

Built in a Neo – Gothic style is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes during 1840 located west to the rock fort temple tank. The other most attracted pilgrimage destination located at the river banks of Kollidam rivers is the majestic Renganatha Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu and holds the pride having the largest complexes covering around 148 Acres approximately.

Dominated by 21 impressive Gopuras (gateways) and has seven boundary walls defining its seven enclosures. Nearer are the shops that sells religious books, pictures of the Hindu God, Antique collections, Pooja ceremony items, fruits and flowers to be offered to the deity and sundry temple offerings. The actual sacred precinct begins from the fourth enclosure, beyond where Non – Hindus are not allowed.

Another important place would be the Thousand – columned Mandapam, where images of Renganatha and his disciples are enthroned. This place is always been occupied by the local and domestic tourist to offer their prayers and ceremonies in the Holy water located at the banks. East of Renganatha temple would be the Jambukeshwara temple, where the main sanctum contains one of the five elemental lings, representing Shiva in the form of water.

Best time to visit Trichy :

The best time is during the winters from October to end of February.The weather will be cool.A cultured sportive event, Jallikattu is celebrated this season will be the major attraction in Trichy.