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Discover Velankanni: A Spiritual Haven by the Bay of Bengal


Nestled by the Bay of Bengal, Velankanni is a charming town in Tamil Nadu. It’s celebrated for the Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health, often known as Velankanni Church, which serves as the focal point of this small community.

This Church honors the Virgin Mary, who is dearly referred to as Velankanni Matha by her devotees. Also known as the Sacred Arogya Matha Church, it stands out globally as a major Marian sanctuary. The pristine white structure featuring vibrant red roofing and Gothic architectural style captivates all who visit with its breathtaking appearance.

A unique aspect of the Velankanni Church is its multilingual Holy Mass, conducted in eight languages including English, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Konkani & Marathi. It's believed that many miracles have occurred here.

Local legends say that the Virgin Mary made miraculous appearances at Velankanni: she appeared to a shepherd boy, healed a lame buttermilk vendor & saved Portuguese traders from a stormy death at sea. These events contribute to Velankanii’s fame for being a site of miracles. Accordingly, it draws numerous tourists & devout visitors with its beautiful beaches & diverse religious centers.

Often Referred to As:

The 'Lourdes of the East'.

Must-Visit Spots:

  • Velankanni Church: A top Christian pilgrimage destination in India.
  • Nagapattinam: A wonderful tourist spot featuring numerous sites important to Christians, Hindus and Muslims alike.
  • Velankanni Church Museum: This unique museum exhibits devotional offerings given to Mother Mary by grateful believers.
  • Velankanni Beach: Adjacent to the illustrious church lies this serene beach fringed with palms and golden sands.

The Ideal Time to Visit + (Climate Details):

The period from November through February is ideal for visiting Velankanni when days are pleasantly warm and nights are cool and temperate. During these months, temperatures range comfortably from 21°C to 29°C. The summer months from March to June should generally be avoided due to intense heat and high humidity. Conversely, the monsoon season spans from July through September bringing heavy rains and potential thunderstorms with temperatures fluctuating between 24°C and 29°C.

Access Routes:

By Air: The closest airport is Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) International Airport located 153.9 km away.

By Rail: At just 800 meters distance lies the nearest railway station in Velankanni.

By Road: Similarly close is the Velankanni Bus Station located merely 1.7 km away.

In summary, Velankanni offers both spiritual solace and delightful leisure experiences suitable for various visitors throughout most of the year. Its accessibility by multiple means ensures ease of travel for all planning visits either for devotion or tourism purposes.