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Monuments of Tamilnadu

Monuments are the places where the history has set its foot strongly to pass the legacy through generations. The epitome of craftsmanship, art and culture can best be experienced in the monuments which have seen the vagaries of time over the centuries.

Tamilnadu has the world renowned monuments frequented by the global travellers admiring the unique style and grace of the monuments. Though number of monuments are dotted across the state, few of them have been listed as the World Heritage Monuments by UNESCO. The monolithic stone sculptures dating back to the Pallava dynasty at Mahabalipuram, the most visited coastal town of South India mesmerises the visitors with the intricately designed sculptures and the shore temples with the scenic backdrop of the ocean. The Great Living Chola Temples take you back into the vibrant history of the Chola Dynasty. The monolithic stone weighing around 80 tonnes on top of the sanctum tower, huge precincts and the magnificent Linga and Bull idols make Brihadeeswara Temple called as “Big Temple” located at Tanjore, being an engineering marvel and mystery, even after crossing 1000 years. The replica of Big Temple can be found at Gangai Konda Chozhapuram, and the finest carvings of miniature sculptures with the whole temple built in the form of a chariot can be witnessed at Darasuram. These three temples are recognized by UNESCO as Great Living Chola Temples World Heritage Site. The toy train of Ooty, Western Ghats are the other heritage monuments symbolising the past of the country.

Padmanabhapuram Palace

Padmanabapuram palace is being included in the tentative list of “ UNESCO World Heritage Sites” in South India.

Arjunas Penance

India is a land of legends; it has in it countless myth and folklore, which are the sole reason for the ideal tradition and customs of Indians.

Tanjavur Palace

Tanjore palace holds great admiration among visitor. This palace is built by Nayaks in the year 1550 AD and partly by Marathas. The threshold

Dakshinachitra Museum

As the name implies, Dakshinachitra Museum portrays the culture and lifestyle of the southern states of India, especially the villages which are at the verge of extinction

Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal - Madurai

The 17th century citadel, depicting the aesthetic sense of the Nayak Dynasty is the Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal at Madurai