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Kumbalgarh Fort – Monuments of Rajasthan

Kumbalgarh Fort – Kumbalgarh The UNESCO World Heritage Site and a 15th century architectural masterpiece is Kumbhalgarh Fort with an amazing 36km long wall known as Great Wall of India located on the strategic region of Aravalli Hills.

The unbreakable boundary around Udaipur city is surrounded by Kumbalgarh Sanctuary, an ecstatic region to explore.

Historians record that Kumbalgarh is the birth place of the great Rajput King Maharana Pratap. The inscriptions on the walls of the fort clearly describe the sequence of events happened during construction of the fort.

The magnificent fort houses various temples dedicated to Hinduism and Jainism exhibiting the history that the rulers patronized all the religions and culture and inculcated communal harmony.

Indian tradition has always been focusing on the temples and other worshipping places where people gather to nurture their artistic skills and get to know about the centuries old heritage of the region, in turn being the connecting thread among all.

Information for Tourist

Plan to visit Kumbalgarh Fort in the Land of Royals between the months of September and February to enjoy the pleasant climate.

You may need to climb to step into the fort, hence, visit there with comfortable outfits and footwear.

Visit Badal Palace, the prominent palace of this fort, Birth place of Maharana Pratap, Giant Shivalinga Temple, Great Wall of India, more than 300 temples dedicated to Hinduism and Jainism.

Rajasmund Lake and Kumbalgarh Sanctuary are the next prominent attractions outside this fort.

Please note Guide Services are not available as Kumbalgarh Fort is one of the very few locations where the visitors are at their pace exploring the fort or trekking into the dense woods.

Plan your visit to Kumbalgarh Fort sufficient time as the vast premise requires so.

Finally, carry water bottles to avoid getting dehydrated but don’t carry food stuffs as there are many stalls near the Fort entrance.

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