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Chidambaram Natyanjali - Festival in Tamilnadu

Chidambaram Natyanjali Festival

Place: Chidambaram

Venue: Nataraja Temple

Date: February -March

Dance is the language of love, tribute, reverence and passion. A slight wave of the fingers or the sublime beauty of the dancer's vivid eyes will bring out thousands of emotions with in us. We feel aroused as the music reaches the climax, at the same time we feel depressed as the music ceases. These mesmerizing dances are as old as this mankind and will prevail till dooms day. The lord of dance, the peerless cosmic dancer Lord Nataraja is believed to be the originator of Bharatanatyam, one of the revered, exquisite dances of India. Without a Bharatanatyam performance temple function ends, it is a ritual that if we pay our tribute to God through dance, He will be pleased and shower his blessings on his devotees.

Natyanjali : Natyanjali is one such dance offerings to the Almighty. It first sprouts in the year 1981, with fewer dancers and less audience, but now its name and fame went beyond boundaries. This dance festival is commemorated on Shivaratri for five days, at Chidambaram Nataraja temple. Dancers from all over India meet here and offer their beloved possession “their Dance” to the Lord and to the eager audience. We can relish all varieties of dances under one roof, starting from Bharatanatyam to Kathakali.

History :The history of Natyanjali says those decades back, a Muslim dancer taught dance to all the neighborhood children for free, at Chidambaram temple. Even though he is a Muslim his passion for a Bharatanatyam knew no bounds. His pupil used to perfume their dance once a year to the public, which became the spark for the Natyanjali festival.

Day of Celebration :This festival falls in the eve of Maha Shivaratri, during the month of February or March, at Chidambaram Nataraja temple. This festival brings out the real tradition and culture of Indians and through these serene dances we come to know our ancient lore, mythologies and customs. Take a break from you mundane life and give a pleasant treat to your eyes and ears, by joining Natyanjali festival.

How To Reach

Bus : Chidambaram is a well-connected city by road transport; there are direct bus from Trichy, Madurai, Chennai and Thanjavur.

Train : The railway station is located near to the Nataraja temple; there are local trains to Chennai and Trichy frequently.

Airport : The nearest airport is in Trichy.