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Lalgarh Palace – Bikaner - Monuments of Rajasthan

Lalgarh-Palace A grand edifice symbolizing the architectural elegance, wealth and rich history is the Lalgarh Palace at Bikaner, popularly known as the Land of Royals, Rajasthan.

The entire palace built in the European Architectural style costing millions of rupees using materials with finest quality and the highlighting attraction is the outer layer of the palace decorated with glittering red sandstones, specially brought from Thar desert.

Lalgarh palace is well known among the global travelers visiting Bikaner for the luxury hotel, set up inside the palace premise and a museum speaking loudly about the historic past of Rajasthan.

If you want to explore fully the royal legacy of the palace, you may better plant to stay in the luxury hotel. Visit the museum where you can know deeper about Bikaner and its rulers with well exhibited artefacts, paintings, other articles used in the past. Lalgarh Palace is equally popular for housing the World’s Fourth Largest Library.

Tourist Information

Lalgarh Palace is a treasure to be explored during your visit to Bikaner Though the destination will be suitable to visit between September to March, the months from November to February will be ideal to enjoy the climate and the elegant structures dotted across.

Lalgarh Palace can easily be reached from Jodhpur International Airport or from the railheads of either Jodhpur or Bikaner

Please remember to carry a water bottle

Use comfortable outfit and foot wear, as visiting the palace may need you to walk a lot.

Check with the personnel inside the museum for any restrictions before taking photographs

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